Tuesday, June 2, 2009

By Contrast... There is Such Hatred in This World...

After seeing the joyful video I just posted, I read about a new billionaire who decided to spend his money setting up a foundation. That was all well and good; he has turned his blessing into blessings for others.

But then I began to read the comments that readers left. There was such demonic hatred and racism in many of those comments. I was absolutely appalled. One writer, commenting in the guise of Jesus Christ Returned (a blasphemy if there ever was one), said that 90% of blacks, a lesser % of Hispanics and a far lesser percentage of whites should be allowed to starve in order to "reclaim" the America he seeks.


I had to hit the "REPORT ABUSE" radio button and complain and ask that the posting be removed. He is touting himself as Jesus Christ Returned. That's obscenity enough. But to follow it up with White Aryan Nation comments that quickly establish his dog in the fight, I was just sickened by it all.

If the only people left on the planet were ignorant, racist, vitriolic people like him, I can guarantee you that Christ would return and send every last soul to hell. (And for those of you who think that would be "wrong" or "un-Christ-like," read your Bible.) These people are NOT his image-bearers.

God is love. What I see evidenced in comments that display hatred is not just its opposite (hate and apathy), but true Evil incarnate.

My stomach turns violently when my sensibilities are assaulted by demented, demonic souls like these. It brings out the violent and vitriolic in me. I wish these kinds of people dead, beyond even the reach of the saving power of my Savior! Isn't that awful? Yes, it is. I must pray on it.

But I won't like it!

There is such a thing as righteous indignation, and I have a bellyful of it right now.

I have to stop reading readers' comments at the end of worthwhile articles. As often than not, what I find there makes me despair for our planet and doubt its capacity to survive. As long as hatred this vitriolic exists, life will always be precarious for everyone...

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