Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grrrr and Rats! My PC Didn't Come Today!

I'm bummed because my new Dell PC didn't arrive today. Finally this afternoon I decided to track it down and discovered that it won't be here until Friday now, unless by some fluke it gets here tomorrow. Grrrr...

I canceled my hair appointment and changed it to tomorrow so I would be here to sign for the PC all day today whenever it arrived (because the carrier won't leave it unless someone is here to sign for it), and now I'm risking missing the delivery and having to wait until Monday to get it because I have a haircut tomorrow and that miserable surgery on Friday, and should it arrive during the brief times I'll be away, the carrier will drive off and take it with them! And I really, really, really need it this weekend so Phil can set it up for me so I can work again without a hitch or a glitch on Monday. He can't help me set it up on weekdays 'cause he's a busy guy.

Grrrr.... I hate to be told a date and then plan everything around it only to have it not happen. But as my mama always said at frustrating times like these, "If this is the worst thing that happens to you in your whole life, you'll be lucky." Somehow that takes all the starch out of my "righteous indignation." Things could be SO much worse!

I'm working on two white papers for two Elance clients... editing a children's book for one... may be hired to do some publicity (PR and more) on still another person's children's book... Plus, there are several other clients who appear to be vegging right now, but when they decide to get underway again, it should be busy times for me and smooth sailing financially once again. I just don't know when that will be, so I keep on bidding and bidding and bidding, like the Eveready bunny. That's what it takes to stay gainfully employed as a freelancer. I'm bidding on small jobs that only take a couple or more hours each, because when my "veggers" want me again, I have to be able to jump on whatever they have for me to do without delay. (Among my unique selling points is "fast turnaround.")

WOO HOO! It sounds like a friend will be able to house sit while I'm away for the haircut and surgery, so I will be able to get my PC when it arrives, even if I'm away! Thank God for other "available weekdays" friends!

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