Friday, June 19, 2009

The DE-Mented (Crazy About De) Side of Me...

This afternoon Dr. Mary Jo Robinson and I spent a couple hours watching convention tapes of De. It was a lot of fun and reminded me of his fun, funny side and all the ways we frequently cracked each other up before life became so blasted serious and precarious toward the end of his time on earth. I have been living in the aftermath of his loss for so long that I more or less laid the humorous memories aside, other than the couple dozen or so that I put into the first book I wrote about him (DeFOREST KELLEY: A HARVEST OF MEMORIES).

Then I got an email from Mary Doman today (whose essay in the newest book about De, ENDURING LEGACY, is nothing short of fabulous) telling me that she hopes I'll still write the book about De that I intended to write before I got the idea for ENDURING LEGACY; a book that tells "the rest of the story" of my fun association with the Kelleys: all the silly, fun stuff I edited out of the first tome so that readers

a.) would be able to lift the blasted thing and
b.) not have to pay an arm and a leg for it
Talk about perfect timing.
But... another book? Eegads...

A book is hard work, really hard work, even when they're labors of love. And I barely broke even on the other two I wrote about De, not because they aren't good, not because people who read them don't love them, but because the mass media folks couldn't care less about letting people know they exist! (The reviews at Amazon are mostly 5-stars and at Payloadz they're 100% 5-stars and the e-book is still #1 in the non-fiction category nearly two months after its debut.)

And publicizing via the social media route is so time-consuming that if I did that as often as I "must" to keep the information out there, I'd wind up bleary-eyed for my day job (copy writing at Elance), at which I have to be very, very sharp to keep earning glowing reviews and additional clients! So it's kind of a Catch-22: I can write good books, but where do I find enough hours in the day to multi-task (Elance work and viral networking, plus life as a homeowner, yard mower, weed puller, vegetable gardener, sister and auntie) and still stay sane and viable? It's a pickle!

So, since I need to make money if I'm going to be investing significant time writing more about De (this time totally humorously), Mary suggested that I "blog" the stories going forward and when I have enough of them down in black and white, I can compile them into an e-book and offer them for sale. This way, she says, I'll only be investing the time I usually invest in blogging and won't need to take time away from my real job to make headway on it.

Hmmm... Sounds totally do-able.


Doesn't logic suggest, Mr. Spock, that if people can get stuff for free (via this blog) they probably won't bother to buy the same stories in e-book form later?

Mr. Spock : "Not necessarily. Many people glean postings from their blogs and create viable e-books with the information. However, if memory serves, most of them are 'how-to' or technical books."

Oh joy... (Vulcans sure can be wet blankets at times...)

Mary says she will buy one, for sure! So I have one confirmed buyer! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

So now I'm going to ask YOU: If I do as Mary suggests, and you get to read all (or almost all) of my previously-unpublished funny De-related tales for free right here on my blog in the days and weeks to come (off and on), would you, too, be willing to buy a compilation of the same material if it's offered for under $5 at some time in the future, to share with friends and/or to keep for yourself in one convenient volume?

I need some encouragement, here. I don't need to make a killing, but I do need to know that people would value a De-based (debased?!) book of humor enough to buy it at some point... and tell others about it... and purchase a few extras as gifts, even...

(Hey, you could do the same thing with the two existing De books, too, and the other three really good books I've written that aren't De related.)

[No pressure! wink, wink]

Whaddaya say?

Let me hear from you! Would you help support this "starving artist" if I blog my best stuff before publishing it? LET ME KNOW!

A Humor Sampler
(no real-life anecdotes included, yet, but I have a bunch of them!)

A never-before published limerick that I wrote and sent to the Kelleys:
It isn't all a bad dream -
I'm as stuck on you as I seem.
If you had your druthers,
You might prefer others -
Or even the transporter beam!
A never-before-published poem I wrote about the RowDE Cowboy:
(based on a real incident)
Now, De was a cowboy with flair
He rode side-by-side without care
'Til one day, while dismountin'
He spurred he next mount an'
Spent half of the scene in midair!
Song I co-wrote to the tune of Yellow Rose of Texas:
(semi-raunchy ranch humor)
De is De Rowdy Cowboy
We girls just love to love
His eyes are even bluer
Than Texas skies above
You can talk about Roy Rogers
Or the dudes from Lonesome Dove
But De's the only cowboy
That we will ever love.
My mama told me not to love
A man with big blue eyes
He'd only steal my heart away
And tell me lots of lies
But let him tell me all those lies
and lead me to the straw
'Cause De's the sexiest cowboy
That I have ever saw!
Can you tell I started out as a silly, starry-eyed teenager?
Yup! And it was a lot of fun!
Then I grew up
and life got seriouser and seriouser...
but we still laughed and laughed
right up until the end.
It sure beat crying!
"Return with us now, to those thrilling days of yesteryear.
The RowDE Cowboy rides again!"

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DeAussie said...

You can count me in Kris

Kristine M Smith said...

Thanks, DeAussie!

That's two pre-orders!

Womanwarrior said...

Kris...If you broke even on the first two De books, you'll break even on this one as well. And you will have given the world a bit more of De's humor and goodness all in one place. A more than equitable exchange, I think.


Anonymous said...

Im in deffo. I loved the prior books about De and I'm hoping to have the ebook of Enduring Legacy of De Kelly bound at my local book binder's when I have some spare cash.
All the best Kris
Andy Matner

Kristine M Smith said...

Thanks, Andy!