Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Doings

Yesterday Jackie and I worked in the clearing for three hours, then for half an hour in the garden in front. After that, we went for a 2 1/2 hour, 15 mile bike ride with Wendy, Sue (Wendy's mom), and Casey and Jamie. (Phil was out on Puget Sound fishing with his dad.)

The McNivens got a contraption that looks like half a bike which straps onto the back of Phil's bike. Jamie sat on that and peddled as much as she could while Wendy "drove" the two of them along the trail.

Jamie is a wiggler and kept leaning from side to side or looking back, which threw Wendy's stride and balance out of whack almost as often as not, so Wendy didn't exactly have a nice, relaxing ride. On the way back, I could see she was really tired, so I offered to switch bikes and give her a break. At first she said no, she was fine... but then she finally agreed when I asked a second and third time (a mile or so apart).

I made it all of a mile and a half before I had to dismount and save my -- uh -- under regions from destruction. Phil's bike seat is built like a freakin' banana (I guess to accommodate the male anatomy comfortably); I am not. And Phil's bike seat was as far down on the bar as it could get and still accommodate Jamie's contraption, so I had less than zero space between the bike seat and my crotch at the conclusion of each down stroke of the pedal, and riding in front of the seat standing just on the pedals wasn't an option because of Gyrating Jamie bringing up the rear; too risky. Had that not been the case, I could have driven the contraption all the way back to the starting point (another mile and a half or so), but there was no way I could do that and save my skin. I walked funny most of the rest of the night and part of this morning before my diaper rash (or whatever the hell it was) healed.

When we got home Phil was back from fishing (no fish) and he and Wendy prepared a pork roast and lots of fixings. After we ate, George (Wendy's dad, Sue hubby) joined me in my living room to watch the remastered "Enemy Within." George wants to do a STAR TREK Marathon sometime this summer; he really likes the show, and especially in the remastered version.

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