Friday, June 26, 2009

I Have a New PC!

Phil worked for two and a half hours to get my stuff from the old PC to the new one because my old PC was so old that the tools for making the information travel to the new one have been through so many metamorphoses between eleven years ago and now that very little of what works now will"talk to" what worked back in the dark ages. Phil has the patience of Job, I swear. I am SO thankful for his expertise and steadiness.

This new PC is lightning fast and the program (Vista Basic) is glorious to behold. It has so many terrific new features that I'll spend a couple hours tomorrow and Sunday just going through tutorials to bring myself up to speed on all I can do on it. Phil showed me enough that I can function at Elance and access all the files I need to keep on keeping on as a copywriter, so I feel confident I won't be flailing on Monday when it's time to jump into that ocean again.

The old Laser Jet IV I've had since I left Warner Bros. can't be used with this new PC, but I have a HP inkjet I can use in a pinch. I rarely need a printer, but when I need one, I need one!

I walked for about 20 minutes with Jamie this afternoon just before dinner. She picked dandelions for her mom and some clover and honeysuckle for guinea pig Joe as she told me about the part of her day when she wasn't with us.

It's 11:30 pm and I'm exhausted. The outpatient surgery went well this morning and was quite easy (THANK YOU, JESUS!) to get through, but I'm a wee bit sore tonight, so need to get off my sitter and lie down. Hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow...


Womanwarrior said...

Congratulations on your new PC!

Glad your surgery is over and successful!


MJ said...

Hey Kris
Glad the surgery went well also and I know it wasn't have they given you a path report yet??
Am also glad you got your new computer....

Kristine M Smith said...

Path report -- all clear. T'was a truly harmless skin tag, as expected.