Saturday, September 1, 2007

I spent most of the day with Aunt Tod or fetching and toting for her. She is very discouraged where she is -- the place reeks of urine and Joe (from Maple Creek) told me yesterday she needs to get moved from where she is, but Maple Creek can't take her back because she's too weak to exist in residential care anymore and they don't have the around-the-clock care or the dietary requirements she needs as a renal patient.

So I called Kings Manor (an assisted living community), where I used to work as an Activity Director in 2004. Their nurse will do an assessment on her on Tuesday to see if they can accept her. If not (yet), I will move her to University Place Care Center, as it has come highly recommended to me from two different people -- one of them a caregiver at Maple Creek, who used to work there.

Needless to say, I didn't get any rest today, much as I need it. I plan to rest tomorrow after church (a friend of Tod's will visit from Sequim -- pronounced Skwim -- tomorrow) and will just spend a couple hours with Aunt Tod on Monday, to keep her spirits up while she waits to be transferred to "wherever" on Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope she can go straight to Kings Manor, but if not, University Place is less than a mile from my condo and I will be able to visit there more easily and it's a much better facility. I need to rest a lot both days because next week (possibly sooner) Jackie and I may have to move Tod's stuff from Maple Creek to Kings Manor -- with any luck at all!

That's all for this blog. I need to hit the hay.

I got a new answering machine and am able to phone out but haven't received any calls yet, so am not sure incoming calls work yet -- but I presume they do, since I can call out... I should hear from someone this weekend or Monday sometime. If I don't, I will know there's a problem!

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