Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Evelyn "Tod" Fremault, May 23, 1913 - Sept 12, 2007

Aunt Tod passed away this morning at about 4:30, peacefully. Thank you to all those who prayed her -- and her loved ones -- through the final days of her time with us here on earth.

We could feel your prayers and sense your hearts in every e-card, phoned message and email.

She's free now. Thank God, praise God!

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Following is a sweet email I received middle of last week. I reprint it here, with Laurie's kind permission, because it gives you a little more insight into the lady who was my aunt... while she was still feisty! I've heard some wonderful stories from Tod's friend, Linda Benson of Sequim. This email is from her daughter, Laurie. I met both of them briefly on the last Sunday before Ant Tod's stroke... and will re-connect with them again when we take her ashes to Sequim to rest with her husband of 63 years, John Fremault...

Dear Kris,
I am so sorry to hear the news about Evelyn, though at 94ish we shouldn't be surprised. My mom is very glad to have had such a quality visit with her last Sunday. She seemed so perky and alert it is hard to imagine her in the state she is now.

She can be a pistol, we know, stubborn, determined and headstrong to say the least, but I suppose that is how she got to the ripe old age of 94. Who else would do all that moving from place to place at such an age? [Tod and John moved at least 27 times during their long marriage and Tod moved three times after John passed away] No one I know of! Her tenacity was part of what drew her into our lives. But she was as gentle as she was stubborn. Her many facets are what made her such a wonderful friend. It is a shame you knew her for such a short time. Isn't it funny how someone can make such an impact in our lives in such a short time? But that was just what she was, a 94 year old impact.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for her. She would tell you how much she appreciates your tender loving care, if she could. Even before you really got to know her she always talked about you. “Krissy this”, and “Krissy did that.” I bet you didn’t even know you, your sister and the rest of the family were that special to her. Well, don’t doubt it for a minute. Her relatives, close or not, held a very large spot in that gigantic heart of hers. We heard about you all regularly. You made her proud. Don’t ever doubt it.

Please keep us informed on how she is doing and what the plan is afterwards. We will keep your family in our prayers and I pray that she will see God's light very soon, as we know this is not how she would want to remain in this life.

Take care of yourselves!! These emotions can be hard on our lives and our spirits.

In His name,
Laurie Henry

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