Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday -- Wheee!

It’s Friday!!!! Friday before a three-day weekend! Wahoo!!!

I am at loose ends all weekend except for a visit to Aunt Tod. I’ll do that first thing Saturday morning and find out what her wishes are about me looking into Kings Manor for her. I will also call Joe and see what he thinks her prospects are for returning to Maple Creek. If not good, I will definitely give Kings Manor a call and make arrangements for someone to go to the facility Tod is in now and let me know if she’s a candidate for the Manor.

I just called Kings Manor. They have a couple studios available right now. Joe will be calling me back shortly to give me his take on how he thinks Tod will be when she gets out of where she is now and whether he thinks she should be placed at Kings Manor, if they will take her…

I hope, of course, she can stay at Maple Creek because she has made friends there and the people really do adore her. They will adore her anywhere, though, so that isn’t an issue. I know Kings Manor will take great care of her, because I know the people and many of the residents, and if she’s there I can visit a lot of folks when I visit her! That’s a plus for me… but it might take some convincing for her…
I will explain all the possibilities when I see her this weekend, or before…
Other than that, I plan to rest! A lot! That’s the ticket!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

T’was a busy, busy day at On-Hold Concepts ( I didn’t take much of a breath until close to 3 pm. Clients were coming back in droves and the salespeople landed three new accounts – I wrote copy for all of them. (The others copywriters had their hands full with some peripheral tasks, so I was "it" – and happy to be so! I LOVE WRITING!! Can you tell? WAHOO! I love days like this!

My boss asked me what I plan to do on this long three-day weekend and I said, "Crash! Rest! Sleep! Veg!" Then he remembered what this month has been like for me, non-stop. I’ve never felt healthier, though! You get that adrenaline pumping and it kicks out any real or perceived weakness you might have!

Anne called last night, as did Bobbie. But before I knew they had, and before they called again, I had to go to Office Depot and get a new answering machine because all the calls that came were indecipherable. I inherited my answering machine and phone from Mom and Dad, so it was time to invest in a digital one. It’s charging all day today, but starting tonight I should have a pretty amazing answering machine. People who call me will be very glad because in the past, they heard squawks, beeps and lots of other nonsense before the tape ever came around so they could leave a message. BUT IT STILL WORKED -- until yesterday -- so I was reticent to replace it. It isn’t that I’m a penny pincher. I just don’t have all that many pennies to pinch! I’m on the comeback trail, though. I see light at the end of the tunnel – and if it isn’t an oncoming train, I’ll be fine!

What else? Jackie and her brood should return from Lake Chelan tomorrow afternoon so I can let her in on Tod’s move and the repercussions and choices that may face us now.

Alison emailed to say she thinks she’ll be over for a visit in mid-October. That’s a good time to visit. I have a women’s retreat the last weekend of this month, so if she came sooner she’d be hijacked and taken along. (She wouldn’t mind one bit, I’m sure!)

That’s about all I can report at this time. More tomorrow…

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