Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Before the Convention... Prayers Aloft in Abundance!

Went to church today and was prayed over by Lead (Senior) Pastor Bill Wolfson and by several other folks about next weekend's presentation at the Las Vegas STAR TREK ( convention. I think that's the first time Pastor Wolfson has ever prayed with/for me in agreement over anything I am personally endeavoring to do, so it was mighty special, and totally spontaneous!

As soon as I reminded him that next weekend was "it," he took my hand and another member's hand and prayed for great success in bringing the REAL McCoy to the masses ("as God's spirit has led Kris to express it"), then hugged me. The other pastors -- Pastor Leksen (Nils and Pat), PastorKen Ecker (who I served as an administative assistant for a year and a half), Pastor Wes and Carol Braaten -- all are aware and will be praying for me next Saturday and all week this week... I'm feeling more "shalom" than I have any right to feel about this HUGE opportunity. That, too, is the work of God!

Dr Benn at Creation will do his level best to videotape the appearance for me (for private archives) but has again said I should bring a video camera and have someone else record it as well "just in case" I need a back-up... so I will be bringing my sister's videocamera and see if I can get a non-attached De fan with knowlege of cameras to run it for me during the presentation so I won't have to enlist one of my friends who I'm SURE would rather sit back and enjoy rather than "work" during the forty minutes I'll be on stage...

I am praying that God will provide a willing participant who has a seat close to the action... I will ask for such a person (or have Creation ask) and see if I can find someone who'll do the honors. (Of course, by then I may find out that Dr Benn CAN tape it and this taping concern will be moot!)

I'm also bringing along a PowerPoint presentation to run (silently the the background) during the Question and Answer period. It has some great candid photos of De and Carolyn and other information about them in it. I'm bringing it on a thumb drive this time. When I brought it on a CD to Sacramento, Adam wasn't able to get it to go, which was a shame, because it was a big hit in Seattle at Planet Xpo in September... I'm hoping for better luck this time!

I notice on the Vegas schedule that Creation will be running a vintage DeForest Kelley appearance at 5 pm on Friday, so all of you coming to Vegas to see me know where to find me at 5 pm on Friday! It will be a real treat to see De as De again!

McCoy was great but he didn't hold a candle to the REAL DeForest Kelley!

What a blessing he was to us all...

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