Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Putting Faces To Names...

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"Senorita Invierno"
In case you haven't already guessed... we had a lot of fun in Las Vegas! Sure hope I'm not violating anyone's copyright by publishing this photo. If I am, let me know and I will pull it pronto!
There's coverage about my appearance -- and lots more! -- at this web address: http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/news/article/2304713.html
There is an error in the wee part about me, though. It reads "Kristine M Smith, Biographer." NOT! Terry Lee Rioux is De's biographer. It seems everyone wants to christen me with that moniker but it's totally misleading and has caused some fans to pan my book at Amazon as a result. My book about De is a memoir -- very little biographical material about him is in my book. So get TERRY'S book, From Sawdust to Stardust, if you want a biography of De. Heck, get it anyway. If you get mine, you need to get hers. If you get hers, you need to get mine. Between the two of them, you will have a well-rounded understanding of DeForest Kelley as a man and in his times. They're both worth the price several times over. I should blush while saying this about mine, except that two people who bought copies (in Australia and New Zealand) paid upwards of $75 per copy and both said the book was worth every cent, or whatever, they paid... so I have to believe it's also worth the $15 or $21 or $24 or $32 people pay for it here in the U.S. (Buy mine direct from the publisher, http://www.authorhouse.com/ to get the best price).
Alison is now back in the UK, Billie Rae is back in New York, Margot is back in Colorado, and I am back in Tacoma. It's not always easy getting back to "normal" following an amazing weekend like the one we just had. There's a little bit of a let-down... we all wish we had more time to visit!
Tomorrow evening at around 9 pm Bobbie Bobstein lands in Seattle to visit for two weeks, so I can go back into "convention mode" with her again. That's good for me! I just need to find some way to get the entire gang together for some event and to make it last a week... I bet we'd still part wanting more time! There is something about this little group that is just electric and magnetic. I'll bet De is sitting in heaven smiling over all the friendships that have been spawned that began because of a common affection for him. I think that would give him purest joy! He even mentioned something along those lines at a convention once.
Heck, I guess I came to De and Carolyn (became their friends) in the same way -- as a result of attending a few conventions and continuing to interact afterward via letters!
Now I'm collecting De fans and claiming them as personal friends. I'm a thief!
Somehow I don't think he would mind!

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