Friday, August 24, 2007


I’m usually not as crazy about Fridays as I have been the past two weeks and this one, but because of the Vegas convention and because Bobbie’s here, weekends are more out-of-the-ordinary than usual. I’m looking forward to having lots of time with her for two days again. These will be the last two days of uninterrupted time, so we need to make the most of them… and still find time to rest/sleep sufficiently… As long as we have all day to "play," it should be easy to get to bed at an earlier hour, methinks!

Sunday we’ll have church half a day, and a visit to Jackie Sunday afternoon/evening (should we elect to do that… we don’t have to if Bobbie and I are feeling short on visiting time). Jackie and family head for Lake Chelan (pronounced shuh-lan) for five days on Monday. Jackie is halfway through a two-week vacation, lucky Pierre that she is. I won’t have a two-week vacation for two years… and then I will probably use it to go to Australia and do a convention there and spend time with Anne Richardson, who says she’ll drive me around…

It was nearly eighty yesterday here in the Pacific Northwest – more like summer weather than it has been for a couple weeks. I dressed too warmly for it, because my office is all windows on two sides – the sides facing the sun, of course. Had to change into a t-shirt in the afternoon to keep from being miz’able… Today it’s misty and overcast (at the moment). I expect it will burn off and give us a mid-70’s afternoon. I love this part of the world; not even the weather is same-o, same-o from day to day…

There’s a three day weekend coming up next weekend and I’m looking forward to it. I will do as much of nothing as possible (and still keep breathing) for at least a day or two of the three. Maybe I’ll go to the beach one day – a nearby beach in Tacoma on Puget Sound, not a farther-flung beach on the Pacific. Don’t want to give myself anything extensive to do that weekend… just short-term, light fare… maybe take in a movie…

Aunt Tod is still at StJoe’s. She sounds very weak and says she still has pain in a couple of places, so she’s going to be seen by another doctor today to see what the deal is. I told her Bobbie and I will be in tonight or tomorrow morning to visit for a bit. We won’t stay long because she sounds really wiped out and I know it’s a drain on her system to try to visit when she should be resting… Jackie will probably stop by today for a short visit because she won’t be able to all next week.

Bobbie and I got into a song fest again last night. I love those times supremely. There is something about music that just restores my soul. She plays my guitar and we caterwaul till we can’t do it anymore. It’s just terrific.

Guess that’s all the news that’s fit to print at the moment!

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