Monday, May 3, 2010

A Tree Blew Over on Our Front Yard -- No Damage Thank God!

It's very windy here today. A 20' tree blew over in the front yard. It just missed the electric wires and did no real damage, so that was wonderfully strategic. (Thank You, Jesus!)

Tomorrow I'm meeting with an OFA (Organizing for America) fellow at 11 a.m. No, it isn't about the D.C. job; it's an organizing get-together to see what I can do locally during the present election season.  

I did ask him if I should be flattered that I was invited to apply back east, or if what I received was simply the broad-casting of a very wide net to ask every writer who supports Obama and the Democratic platform to apply.  He said if he were me, he'd consider it an honor. He says didn't see the email, so it was sent to a select group, he believes. So I'm more hopeful than ever that I'm on a short list somewhere in DC.  That feels good.

April was a very slow month at Elance. I wonder if God planned that, too, so I'd be more open to moving across the country. (He knows what it takes to get me to even consider leaving my comfort zone. He's an expert on every one of his kids, you know!)

Hmmm...  I'm doing my best to discern His will for my life at this juncture. I feel calm and protected. That's a good indication.

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MJ said...

glad to hear no damage from the tree..It is very windy here in Yakima and I almost got blown over walking from the university to my car in the parking lot...very dusty here too...