Friday, May 28, 2010

If You Voted For Obama, He Needs Your Help Again This Year...

If you're volunteering to make phone calls with Organizing For America (I am!), please read this. I've learned a few things these past few weeks about reaching out to confirmed Obama voters from the 2008 election and wanted to share it.

If you talk to folks who are enthusiastic about the President (and 99.999% are since we're only reaching out to confirmed Obama voters at this time) but find they can't get involved calling or canvassing right now because of prior commitments or the "June crunch" (graduations, marriages, coaching, what have you), you should always let them know that they can still do a lot of good simply by talking to other Obama supporters and making sure they understand how important it is to vote this year again, for DEMS, so that the President has the support he needs in Congress to keep tackling the big agenda that remains before him. That way they know they can still make a difference. .. and that's huge!

Especially have them "talk this up" to first time voters from 2008 and let them know how important THEIR votes and leadership are among their peers. Showing enthusiasm for remaining an activist keeps their spirits hopeful and their fires lit. Let them know they can also write Letters to the Editor that throw a spotlight on what they've seen the President accomplishing that makes them feel their vote and their trust were not misplaced.

And if people (the obviously gung-ho ones) are real busy in June, I always ask if they're willing to call or canvass later in the year. Some say yes so I ask when they might be able to jump in, then I take down their numbers, names and email addresses and make a note to reconnect later wih them at the time they state. That helps me develop a list for later of the gung-ho folks who are swamped right now. Seeking their help like this impresses upon them how vital they are to the result this coming November. That carries a lot of weight.

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