Friday, May 28, 2010

Chris Matthews Nails The Gulf Oil History

This sordid report tells the tale. Dick Cheney is very quiet right now, too.  It's no wonder why.

Listen and weep.

I do wonder exactly WHAT the federal government could do IF they "took over" the Gulf Oil spill situation (more than they already have with all the personnel and protocols they've used). I mean, the federal government doesn't have the tools or the expertise to assume control of the situation, does it?

I think it's a red herring for the GOP players OR Chris Matthews to expect the federal government to "take over" the situation. I would like to know what that would entail. What could it actually DO beyond what is being done?  That's the scary part.

And it's especially interesting because the GOP wants LESS government, not MORE... but in THIS situation, they want the feds to assume responsibility. Why? So they can be blamed for NOT fixing the situation?  I haven't heard the GOP propose "the plan" that would work to fix the problem. If they had one, I'm sure Obama would jump all over it.  Their position on this is just more political sewage-stirring.

Fix it with what?!  How do you "fix" a situation that is this immense and out of control?

And we can thank Dick Cheney's $34M "signing fee" for becoming VP. $34M from the oil industry.  THAT'S where the problem began. It didn't begin a month ago.

I'm very sick of watching the Bush-Cheney policies continue to rape our planet. I don't/can't blame the present Administration for not "taking over" the disaster.

How do you "fix" something this unutterably disastrous?  Ya need the right tools... but do the right tools even EXIST? 

Apparently not, or BP would have used them. I mean, they MUST be interested in stopping the oil for financial reasons - the bottom of the ocean is leaking billions of dollars!

It's scary. That's what it is. And there are literally THOUSANDS of those platforms and offshore wells out there in the Gulf.  It's unlikely that this is the only one constructed so...

If someone can shed some light on exactly "what" the federal government can do beyond what it's doing, I would truly love to know!

I think if they COULD have jumped in and done more, they would have.  I don't see Obama's people sitting on their thumbs at all...

It's just not his style. You've seen his agenda, haven't you? If not, visit and whistle.  He's got it going on -- and we're the beneficiaries.

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