Sunday, May 23, 2010

The "Drill, Baby, Drill" Folks Sure Have Been Quiet Lately!!!

(...except in other equally "brilliant and thoughful" ways...)

Not that I've noticed, mind you!

The thought of voting these same GOP folks back into positions of power scares the bejeeezus out of me.

That's why I'm working so hard to make sure they get the comeuppance they've so richly earned.

Lose, baby, lose -- the folks along the Gulf coast are now losing far more than you ever will by being sent home to live out your lives re-thinking just what it was you were thinking "back then" and listening ONLY to who you were listening to back then -- lobbyists with big bucks from the oil industry, Halliburton... you're all too familiar with the cast of characters.

Your stewardship of the planet sucked -- and continues to suck -- our natural resources into an environmental disaster.


A side note: I think we ought to feel similarly circumspect about nuclear power, too.  It may be "clean" (except for its detritus, which gets buried underground)... until it isn't: until a terrorist flies a plane into  a plant or plants a bomb inside.. or an earthquake cracks one open like an egg... or any of a dozen other perfectly-feasible scenarios happens.

If we're going to pursue clean energy, why not use what's readily available -- the stuff God gave us:  wind, water, solar, biofuels that come from living organisms, electricity.

I think it's wrong-headed to pursue sources that can destroy life for miles around for decades (or, in the case of nuclear drilling, for hundreds of years). This is one area (nuclear) where I disagree with the present Administration.  And I think that if they truly think about it, and what a single "accident" would mean, in the way they're seeing what this single oil spill means now... they'll re-consider. 

Because they're thoughtful, honorable men. I like that... a lot!

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theo_bear said...

Drill less baby, drill less