Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The date is approaching fast. Saturday June 5th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine, everywhere in the USA , Organizing For America volunteers are going to be out in force knocking on doors to encourage President Obama's voters to turn out this year, too, for midterm elections to vote Democratic so the President has the continuing support he needs in Congress to fulfill the agenda that all of us have for him (those of us who supported him in 2008).

I'm a Team Leader here in Tacoma (on the verge of becoming a Community Organizer, the next step in my OFA evolution). I'm urging all of you Obama supporters to help us on June 5th by logging on to and finding a canvassing event near you to help support... or a phone bank, if canvassing isn't your thing.

In 2010 every vote will be as important as it was in 2008, when the President and V.P. won 52% of the votes.  The administratioon has already made great strides. In order to make sure he'll be able to finish the job we hired him to do, we have to do our part this year once again.

On June 5th you'll only be visiting the homes of identified Obama voters from the 2008 election, so you don't have to worry about running into any Close Encounters of the Weird Kind: you know, Tea Partiers, Birthers, etc. unless the Obama supporter lives in a VERY diverse household. (I'm guessing "highly unlikely!")

If you find other Obama supporters while canvassing who want to get involved as a volunteer this year, invite them to join the cause at by putting their zip code into the appropriate field so they can connect with a local effort. If there is no local effort (doubtful), they can start one.  "Build it and they WILL come."

Truly -- I'm having the time of my life reaching out to other Obama supporters. It's a lot of fun and a true spirit-lifter. 

Reach out, make some new friends, build a network. If you own a business, you'll get some work from some of the people you meet. (I already have. Wasn't expecting THAT! Nice perk!!!)

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