Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sorry I've Been AWOL

Busy girl here. This past week I've been inundated with Elance projects. Since last Sunday I've earned lotsa moolah. (Go to my profile at Elance and look into the feedback section to see the $$ column.) This is a good thing, but it cuts down on my ability to stay connected to this blog as often as I usually am, for sure! If this keeps up, I can stop looking for another job and just work from home (my goal, but not anything I truly expected this soon in my fledgling career as an Elancer). Hallelujah!

Today Writer's Edge folks met at my church again for the first time since November 1st. It was terrific because it seemed we haven't missed a beat since our last meeting. From now on until summer we'll meet every three weeks, like clockwork, and keep moving toward our goals: publication for everyone in the ministry! We've also been invited to bring some of our best writing to the upcoming Women's Conference on May 1st at CFAN. The ladies are hosting a concert for everyone, not just ladies, that night. The theme of the conference this year is healing and restoration and we have two great offerings for those topics already (and we've only met three times). We have a great group and I feel certain you'll be hearing their names and experiencing their hearts and gifts in the future if you follow any of the major Christian publications.

After the meeting, I went to lunch with a friend I've known for 22 years, Melody Adams. We worked together when I was an office manager for a continuing education school for real estate, insurance and securities agents and brokers. Melody has always been one of my most ardent supporters and encouragers. We don't get together often enough these days. That has to stop. She is a true blessing.

I'm very much looking forward to Tuesday when Barack Obama becomes President of the United States. Even those who didn't vote for him want him to succeed, because we need to get ourselves out of the ditch we're in. This is perhaps the first time in my life when I think everyone is praying for and hoping for a new administration to really hit the ground running and make changes that will resurrect our greatness as a nation and as a people. It's not going to be easy, but with so many people willing to do what we can to "make it so," we probably have as good a chance as at any time in my lifetime. It's going to take all of us. It's not going to happen overnight. It's not going to be easy. But the American spirit has never let us down yet when we've really needed it. I have every expectation that we'll be better off four years from now than we are now, and even better than that eight years from now. If we stop fighting about where we disagree and work on the things we all agree on, we can get America back on track.

I'm all for that!

My prayers and best wishes go out to the incoming Obama-Biden administration. We need you!

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