Friday, January 30, 2009

Is It Safe To Report or Too Early to Proclaim?

As of this moment, I have four on-going projects at Elance that will repeat weekly for at least 4-6 months. Some are blogs, others are articles, and still others are other things, but what it all adds up to is... I might have to QUIT the job I just started last week (taking notes at a college for a college student one hour a day) if I can't take that precious time off and still stay current with all my Elance projects! And next week I'll start another long-term article writing project with a local business via Elance.

WAHOO!!! I'm so freakin' busy suddenly that it's bordering on SCARY! It's such a great feeling to be doing what I love and working from home while doing it. NO commute, no office politics, no pressure (!?!) except for what I put on myself (which I seem to be doing by taking on all of these wonderful projects).

If I were any happier, someone would stick me in a looney bin. My niece and Jackie keep commenting on it... my sorta permanent smile and twinkle. When you do what you love, what God called you to do seemingly forever, it SHOWS, in the product, in the step, in the smile...

I am so blessed! And now I'm being a blessing to others, helping them string words together than bless others.

To those of you who have a lifelong dream, don't give it up. Keep at it. I'm almost 58 years old and it's finally happening for me because I started believing in my gifts and not sitting against the wall hoping someone would take the initiative to discover them.
Ya gotta show off a little to make it in the world these days. Don't hide your light under a bushel. SHINE!

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