Saturday, January 24, 2009

During a Lull... I'll Blog!

I expected to have some work to do this weekend, but the documents I need weren't emailed, so I finished off one that's due on the 27th and sent it off for review this morning. If it's accepted without edits, I'll be without any work to do the rest of the weekend. Grrr... Would love to be able to start one of the new projects this weekend, but.... it is what it is! (Maybe God is freeing me up to be able to take on something I'm NOT expecting this weekend. We'll see!)

Jackie and I will go out and get groceries sometime this morning, I reckon. Then I'll walk. Right now it's too freaking cold.

I've been tuning in just long enough (an hour or so a day) to see how Obama has been doing in his first few days of office. I'm impressed. (Obviously I haven't been watching FOX or I'd probably be much less impressed! LOL!) (That's just a guess... but I doubt they've been converted this soon, if that's even possible.) I know the progressives want him to do a lot more, but hey... getting the country together just talking to each other again is miraculous, so let's not push an envelope until people are ready. If they ever are.

I've wanted to slap Joe Biden silly once already, bless his heart. His sense of humor can trip him up. He shouldn't have made a joke about Chief Justice Roberts' goof while he was administering the oath of office to Obama on the 20th when they came together to re-do the oath on the 21st. Biden's humor was almost Shatneresque in scope -- he doesn't know when to let sleeping dogs lie, either.

Oh, well... Joe will always be Joe. He has a good heart -- he just has a loose tongue! I bet he's a hoot in person and as a person. Probably a lot more fun than Obama, in fact! But they're both lots of fun. To watch. And pray for.

I find it much easier to pray for this President and VP than it was to pray for Bush-Cheney. I was always praying for Bush-Cheney to "get a clue!" Isn't that awful? Shame on me. But God knows my heart, so I couldn't lie!

What else? Not a whole lot. I was telling the young'uns (Jackie's grandkids) about baby guinea pigs... about how they're born looking just like a fully-grown guinea pig, but only an inch or so long (they even lose their baby teeth while in utero!) ... and so of course now they want me to get a girl guinea pig so we can have babies. I said, "Not now. Not till I'm sure you are reliably taking care of the two we already have without being asked on the weekends."

I also told them that if we have a litter of guinea pig babies (probably two will be born) that they will fall in love with them and not want to get rid of them... so their costs will double. They'll have to earn more money to take care of the larger population... or they'll have to give away or sell the little ones or give away or sell the larger ones.

That gave them pause. They still want baby guinea pigs but I promised them that their hearts will be broken one way or the other if I agree to it. They'll have to find homes for the ones they currently love, or find homes for the babies (which will be easier) that are born.

So they're noodling that. It's hard. I know. I was a guinea pig owner as a kid, too.

It's a fact of life: guinea pigs are cute as buttons as wee ones, and as adults, and it's hard to part with them. And they live eight years. So wise decisions have to be made.

Kids aren't into making wise decisions. That's why adults were created. We sometimes make the right decisions when it comes to pets.

Sometimes. Not always.

But I'm trying to make the right decision this time. It isn't easy. But I can already see and hear the tears if I say yes to a female guinea pig and she has babies.

"OK, gang... which two of all these guinea pigs get a new home?"


"I told you if we did this, this would happen."


I don't even wanna go there. I hate to make kids cry.

And I don't like crying myself...

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