Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not Very High But Relatively Dry!

MSNBC COVERAGE of the storms up here in my neck of the woods:

There's a stream (where there was no stream before!) running all around our property. The endless rains have really caused a mess all over town but Jackie and I remain "not very high, but dry enough" and expect to remain this way...

It's pretty nerve-wracking to walk into the back yard and see a brook burbling out of our French drain and a sizable brook emanating from the field behind us (which is on higher ground). The neighbors and we are separated by streams on both sides! It's pretty amazing.

In addition to receiving an astonishing eight inches of rain in the past 24 hours, the mountains around us are being rained on as well and the snow is melting and adding to the runoff. The towns of Orting to the east (6-8 miles away) and Fife ( 3 miles away) to the north, plus some of Puyallup (just a mile away) to the northeast, are partially under water. If you're watching the cable stations, you may be seeing some of the coverage.

Laurel's town, Rochester, is partially underwater; lots of people are heading for (or already in) shelters around the area. This is NOT what the Pacific Northwest is usually like, but the past several years have been pretty dicey... so yes, I believe there is something to global warming! We should be in a deep freeze this time of year, not going through this kind of weather.

Please keep everyone here in the Pacific North Wet in your prayers. A lot of people are in dire straits right now.

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If you have the ability, and would like, to help neighbors who are experiemcimg flooding all around me, please donate to the local (Mt Rainier) chapter of the Red Cross at this URL:

Every dollar helps. Thanks!


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