Friday, May 30, 2008

Offer on New Home Accepted... and My Condo is in Process

OK, we're getting seriously excited now. The offer on our favorite choice of new home has been accepted and all is proceeding well with the condo sale (so far). I'm getting boxes from grocers and Jackie and I are packing 4-8 boxes every night. WAHOO! (Slow and steady wins the race. She won't let me pack without her going through everything first, so I have to wait until she's home evenings and weekends to get anything done.)

We'll be having the inspection done on Tuesday, with an electrician, home inspector and other parties, to be sure the home (built in 1959) is in good shape (wiring-wise and in other ways). The people who owned it remodeled just a few years ago and it looks fabulous, but the inspector needs to crawl around (underneath and overhead) and be sure that everything is in order so we can proceed with the plan to move there.

The inspection on my condo will be done soon -- if it hasn't already happened. I'm giving a one-year home warranty on it, because I know it's in fantabulous shape and that the buyers want to feel confident that it is.

When Jackie gives me the listing of the new place, I'll place a hyperlink to it from here so you can see it in all its glory. It has a HUGE back yard -- there's over an acre of property, so we're getting the former owners' riding lawnmower, too. (Even then, it'll take upwards of half an hour to mow it.)

Other than that, I've had a number of Elance gigs last week and this, so I'm semi-self-employed and am already getting repeat business... so over the next few months it's likely I'll be getting into a ballpark where I'll have substantial part-time income even if
-- I mean when! -- I land a full-time job here in the Tacoma area.

I need to apply for a business license as soon as we get moved, since I will have made almost $1K (possibly more) by then as a freelance writer. I'm waiting to get the business license until I have a stable address I can claim as the business address; don't want to put the cart before the horse. Besides, there's enough to do right now, just getting ready to move two households in a little less than a month. One thing at a time!

It feels so great to have my life coming back together, and to see the freelancing thing coming along so nicely (and so fast!). It gives me great hope and keeps my confidence-level high. (Most people who have been unemployed for six months have a confidence level of about -0.05. It's a humbling experience, even when there's no underlying cause for the work separation, as in my case.) If there's anything I'm sure I can do with excellence, it's stringing words together!

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