Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Friday!!!! HURRAY!!!

I know I shouldn't care this much, being unemployed at present, but... IT'S FRIDAY for all you worker bees out there, so I'm happy for you. (I'll be happier when I'm employed again and can share in your joy more than vicariously!)

My condo is off the market again... it may go back on.... we're deciding in the next few days. In the meantime, I've gone over there and spruced it up (painted walls, replaced aging grout, dusted and vacuumed) and will have Stanley Steemer, or some other company, go in and do the carpets professionally, since all but two pieces of furniture (a bed and a dresser) are out in the garage at the moment so it will be easy and less expensive when very little furniture has to be moved. I'd do the carpet cleaning myself, but don't really know how good I am at it. I've done it twice a year for the past four years, so it looks pretty decent still, but I think every few years it should be done professionally anyway... If it doesn't look better afterward than when I do it, I won't ever have it done professionally again. How's that? I do a darned good job, but let's see if a professional company blows me out of the water when they do it. I want to be impressed if someone else does it, for sure!

This morning the "Brownie fairy" in me (I used to be a Brownie) saw that I could spend about 40 minutes sprucing up Jackie's place (where I'm also residing at present) and make it look darn-tootin' great, so I did that. I guess it was a hold-over from being my own Brownie fairy at the condo yesterday and not being there to enjoy it today after having worked so diligently. And it's also a bit of cabin fever, since I'm not working.

I try to spruce up at least a couple days a week around here, and especially on Fridays, so Jackie can feel there's very little to do when she gets home on Friday night. It always makes her smile. She's managing two bank branches and often has little ones (grandchildren) here during the week (evenings) and weekends. Kids and grandkids can trash a place faster than you can blink. Have you ever noticed? So I'll go around and consolidate the mailbox stuff, pick up errant toys, water the plants, put away dishes, and do whatever else needs doing, except in her bedroom. I figure her bedroom is hers to handle, as my bedroom is mine. I just do all the "common areas," which is all the rest of the house.

I'm feeling really bad for Obama right now. I hope the past few weeks haven't dampened his spirits or his dedication to lifting up low and middle-income earners and their dependents, although I can see how they might! (Thankfully, it's in his DNA to keep plugging, or he wouldn't have gotten as far as fast as he has.) We really need him. I'd hate to see him lose the momentum he needs to become the Democratic candidate in November. I'd vote for Hillary if he doesn't -- the alternative is too "Bushy" for me -- but I think more people will be energized and will engage in changing the things that need to be changed if Obama is the President. Not only here, but across the globe, it appears that Obama is the man people want to see holding the highest office in our land for the next period of time... and obviously, I agree or I'd be touting some other candidate right now! I've been donating to his campaign ($25 here, $25 there) even though unemployed. The people are powering his campaign. They expect great things when he gets in. And I do believe they will be happy to continue to support him and enter in and get involved if he wins
-- as never before in recent memory.

I'm all for that!

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