Friday, May 23, 2008

Top o' the mawrnin' to ye all!

My sister is on her way to Cle Elum with a friend this morning for a two-day visit with a lots of school chums from days of yore. She was excited-as-a-school girl when she took out of here this morning. I hope they all have an absolute blast.

Yesterday I took a break from writing and bidding at Elance for an hour and went to see grand niece Isabella (age almost 6, in July) in her school play. She was a flower, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. But she was absolutely the best flower there -- knew all her lines, reminded the girl next to her of her lines the time she forgot them, looked as sunny as the flower she played, and did everything she was supposed to -- without it looking at all rehearsed. Methinks she's a natural. Watch out, Hollywood!

There isn't much other news. I'm blogging at Writer's Edge (Christian writer's blog) as well, so if you want to find out where I am spiritually, that's the place to be frequently. (Not that you won't find it here, but I'm all over the place with this blog, so you may have to hunt to find my spiritual ponderings here!)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It's a solemn occasion, remembering those we've lost, but they'd all want us to enjoy the weekend the rest of the time, as they would if they were here.

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