Monday, May 26, 2008

House-Hunting Follow-Up...

Jackie and I have three places we're interested in now. We need to look at one of them tomorrow and then decide on which of the three to bid on. They're all terrific.

If my condo sale closes on June 23rd, I have to load the garage stuff on the 21st or 22nd; then will probably keep the U-Haul loaded with the stuff until Jackie and family return from Hawaii, at which time our new place will likely be available to move into. (It'll be cheaper to keep the U-Haul, and easier on our muscles and bones, than unloading my stuff into a storage unit and then loading and unloading it again a week or so later.)

If possible, we'd like our new place to close the day after my place does, so we can get most of the stuff moved from both of our places to the new place before Jackie and all fly to Hawaii. That would give me a week to get my place in order before they return and we all work on getting her place in order. But even if it closes shortly after July 4th, we'll be all right. I can keep my stuff in a U-Haul for two weeks more cheaply than I can keep it in storage for what their minimum amount of time is... I think. I'll cheeck to make sure.

Decisions, decisions...

But we're getting mighty excited now - that's for sure!

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