Monday, December 28, 2009

Yeah, I Know... Where Have I Been?

I've been sister-chauffeuring and enjoying a long holiday weekend with her grandkids, son and wife. I also went to a movie that I LOVED: Invictus.  I plan to go see Up in the Air and The Blind Side, too, before the week is out.

I'm also rethinking whether to keep this blog going. I'll give it another couple of weeks to see if more people sign on as followers. If not, I may invite you all to a new blog I'm thinking about, but it will be copywriting-related, and there will be a monthly or yearly charge (not much) to access it, since it will be teaching interested parties how to write riveting copy (ads, articles, slogans, tag lines, newsletters, fliers, brochures, blogs, etc.) for their businesses and other venues.

Keeping up a blog is a helluva lot of work, and unless the time spent writing one regularly is paid for, it's too much time used frivolously.  But since I'm not in the habit of charging people to keep up with my doings, personal and professional, I'm not thinking of doing that with this particular blog. I'm more just thinking of updating it on the rare occasions when I actually have something to report that's worth the time it takes me to put it down and the time it takes you to read it. Time is valuable and no one should lay claim to another's time unless it's for a pretty significant reason. This has been my way to connect with far-flung friends and fans, but we have email and phones for that...

So if you'll feel lost and bereft without this blog and haven't signed on yet as a follower, now is your chance to vote with your fingers and BECOME a follower.  If I get 50 followers in the next two weeks, I'll feel encouraged to keep going on this more than just occasionally (at least once a week); if not, I think I'll invest most of my blogging time writing a blog that brings in some money while it helps people learn to reel in and keep the people who can mean the difference between success and failure in their businesses -- their customers: past, present and future.

You, too, might benefit from the new blog if you own a business. If you don't, when it's up and running, you may want to tell others about it who do own businesses.  That would be super!

Let me know what you think of this plan. Hailing frequencies are now open!


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Carl Rylander said...

Good luck, whatever you decide, Kristine!