Friday, December 11, 2009

FREEZING But Light at End of Tunnel

We've had to ask our contractor out to bolster the insulation in areas of piping that he put in earlier this year, 'cause they've frozen but haven't (thank God!) burst. That'll happen today and should make the vulnerable pipes all better. He's also running around rescuing other neighbors, friends and folks who have frozen or broken pipes. What a guy!

Jackie goes in for foot surgery on Monday. I drive her in at 8:00 am and either stay there for six hours until she can come home (surgery is at 10, lasts 60-90 minutes, recovery takes a while) or come home in between. That will depend largely on the weather. If it's treacherous, I'll stay right there so I have to drive less. It doesn't sound like it will be, though. (I may stay anyway. She's my sister, after all, and being nearby seems the right thing to do!)

She's having a bone spur taken off and a tendon re-atttached on her left foot. Please keep her in your prayers, as she has clotting issues and her meds have been reduced prior to surgery; will be reintroduced slowly for two weeks following surgery. People with clotting factors have greater risk of complications, so your prayers are very greatly appreciated!

The pups are doing fine. They may experience their first snow in the next day or two, so if they do, I will be sure to capture it on film so you can watch their antics.

I (shhh! this is a secret!) got Jackie a mouse pad with photos of Jansy on it. I hope it arrives this weekend so I can give it to her as a "get well" gift. It's on its way, so we'll see!

Can you tell I feel very confident that Jackie never reads my blogs? By the time she finds this entry, I may be dead and she'll get a smile out of it. (Not that I'll be dead, but that I was thinking of her and doing things behind her back PUBLICLY that she didn't have a clue about!)

My sister loves me but she is NOT a "follower." She doesn't need to be -- she lives one hollow core door away and gets enough of me every day! HA HA HA HA! Maybe too much!

Elance work has slowed down a little. I think everyone is focused on the holidays right now. There's still enough work to keep my head above water, so I'm all right, but I do get fidgety when I'm not writing, so here I am, writing to you!

Hey, it keeps me out of trouble -- out of the cupboards, away from shopping, out of the puppy pen...

I look pretty silly in the puppy pen, and until Buffy gets the message that pee goes outside, every single time without fail, the puppy pen is where she stays, unless I'm holding her in my arms. She won't pee in the pen -- asks to be let outside -- but if she runs around, she doesn't pay attention to the cue that she has to pee until she REALLY has to pee, and unless I watch her like a hawk, I miss the proper moment to take her outside.

It's so dry around here that almost everything I touch -- cat, blanket, shirt, coat -- sparks and shocks me. (The dogs seem fine -- no electrical discharges that I can discern when I touch them.) So for now the cats and I just appreciate each other from a distance -- interacting hurts them! Poor babies... Maybe I should run a static eraser (dryer sheet) over them... I wonder if that would be safe and healthy. Does anyone know?

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