Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Snow...

We're getting the first snow of the season, but so far it hasn't amounted to enough to accumulate. We hope it doesn't accumulate, in fact, because I need to drive Jackie to the Baker Center tomorrow for her foot surgery and there are a couple of appreciable-sized hills between here and there. The forecast calls for snow north and south of us, but not much here.

I went to Bible study at church this morning. It's always SOOOOO good. After that, I had to come straight home because Jackie needed the vehicle to get the rest of her shopping done. (Her Mustang is in the shop for repairs.)

I bathed and groomed Buffy yesterday and Jansy today. Jackie bathed Kiki while I bathed and blew-dried Jansy, then we clipped the hair on their muzzles and their toenails.

I'm teaching the dogs to accept "toothbrushing" with dental wipes. I thought it would be a real struggle, but after the first two times, they decided it really wasn't worth worrying about, so they let me do it without too much dodging and feinting. Never thought I'd be the type of pet owner that brushed their pets' teeth but hey, if you start them young, it has to cut back on dental cleanings and gum problems, one would suppose... We'll find out!

Wendy just took Casey to an American Girl doll tea, so Jamie and her dad are having a nap, as is Jackie. I ought to be but I still haven't decided whether to write something for the Christmas gathering on Wednesday or read something from my book, PURPOSEFUL CHRISTIANITY, or read what I read at the Christmas party a week ago. I can't decide...

Did I ever publish, here, the Christmas poem I wrote a few weeks ago? Can't recall, so I'll do it now:

Small and mild
The Christ child
Has come to save the world.
Little fingers,
tiny toes
He's God not yet unfurled.
She'll watch him grow
But does not know
He'll free us from our past.
He'll live to serve
And speak God's word
And suffer at the last.
What had she heard?
An angel's word:
"You've found favor with God."
What could she do?
She followed through,
Assenting with a nod.
And because she did
We truly live
Engaged in joyful song.
For God's gift -- free --
A Son like He --
Was His promise all along.
c. Nov 24, 2009 by Kristine M Smith

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