Thursday, December 17, 2009

Self-Promotion is Embarrassing for Shy Types Like Me...

I wonder how many people are laughing their fannies off right now?

It's true. I'm shy. I've learned not to look or act shy when I'm out and about -- and I genuinely enjoy most of the people I talk with -- but my gregariousness is an effort.  I was super-gregarious as a very young child, but it was shamed out of me by the time I entered kindergarten. I became adept at being "seen and not heard" when among others outside my family members and very few close friends.

My shyness trips me up every time, in private and in public. If I'd just become a little more self-revealing, it would benefit everyone. But I always think, "Who needs to know anything more about me?"  And my knee-jerk answer? "No one, really."

I mean, I offer a blog, I've written five books, I do blogtalkradio and other radio interviews whenever I'm asked. All of these venues reveal my interests, passions, and concerns... so I figure that anybody who wants to know more about me has ample opportunity to find out, without me shamelessly (or, in my case, what feels like shamefully) promoting myself!

So I need a publicist. I certainly fall very far short in this vital area!

I blew a perfect opportunity yesterday -- didn't even think of it until I got home! -- to sell a few books.  Same thing happened two weeks ago.

I was asked to read something at two different Christmas parties. Both were well-attended. At yesterday's gathering, there were probably a hundred people in attendance. At the first one, there were at least 60. That's 160 people I touched but did not pursue!

Yesterday I read They Call Me Walrus Woman from Floating Around Hollywood and received a warm, enthusiastic response and some quick positive comments as I blasted out the door on my way back home to resume my sister-sitting duties.

It didn't even occur to me to add, at the end of my presentation, "If you want more, you can find my books at!" It would have taken all of six seconds -- but I just didn't think of it!!!

I'm hopeless as a self-promoter.

So that's why I often ask you more gregarious types to do for me what you'd do for yourselves if my books were your books.  Maybe there's even a way for you to sign on as Amazon Associates and link to my books so that whenever anyone buys them from your sites, you'd get 15%.  I'm all for that -- I just don't know how to make it happen for you, or I would!

If you're a De fan, a TREK fan, an animal aficionado, a lover of humor, or a Christian, or if you need an exemplary copywriter -- or if you know others who share these passions or need a good writer -- let them know about my books and my business/books website (

I certainly can't do this alone without getting an Intestinal Fortitude  Makeover which, at my age, is highly unlikely.

So I really, truly, do need your help to get the word out.

I'm down on one knee. Please? Pretty please?

All I need is a foot in the door. I can do the rest. It's just the introduction and the "invitation to interact" that I need to put me into motion. I'll always show up and do a good job.

I might even remember to mention my website link if I'm forced to do it often enough!  You just never know...


mrobin7403 said...

Shy?? You would have surprised me!
Well self promotion is tough for anyone Kris!
Hope Jackie is feeling bette and thanx for the xmas light display vid...i sent it to my family...They need it right now..missing my mom terribly...she loved xmas so

Kristine M Smith said...

Enjoyed seeing INVICTUS with you this afternoon. Glad you don't think I'm shy. I deserve an Oscar for my portrayal as a "non-shy" type!