Sunday, December 6, 2009

Any Suggestions on Which Excerpt to Read Tomorrow Evening on Blogtalk Radio?

I'm going through my books trying to decide which excerpt to pull out and read during the radio visit tomorrow night. I have several favorites and don't want to repeat the one I read last time (in case the same listeners tune in, I don't want to bore them).

Do you have any ideas? Any particular faves? Let me know -- and if you know which page it starts on, let me know that, too...

I like the silly stuff a lot:

Dinner With the Kelleys (first real sit-down-and-chat session)

Request for Signed Photo from my "penpal" De

"Letter of Complaint" re: De calling me Krazy Kris at the L.A. Con

"Shambala Pachyderm Poop Plaques"

"Fake Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame" (We were there. Where Were You, De!?)

I could also step away from the books entirely and read my stand-up routine, 'HUSBAND HUNTING ON THE ENTERPRISE.'


Baywatch Wrap Party

The Oreo Cookie Affair

They Call Me Walrus Woman

When You Wash Upon a Star, People Think You're Quite Bizarre!

I dunno. I just dunno. I want to do something different... something exclusive... something I've never read before publicly. Most of all, I want to leave all the listeners wanting more, so they'll get a book or two.. and some for friends for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa...

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mrobin7403 said...

love the fake star ceremony Kris..but you know what would you choose as the best memory of De....
That would be the one we would want to hear too