Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Okay, this is getting ridiculous...

The pipes in the garage froze last night, so we have a heat lamp and an oil heater out on the washer-dryer platform thawing things out so I can start the wash. I have to start the wash because Buffy peed on my bed last night.

It was my fault. She asked to go out (several little whimpers and warm body near my face), but I was half comatose and didn't respond in time. Good thing: we both would probably have been frozen to the grass outside had I taken her out there to pee!

Of course, I could have placed her on linoleum and let her do her thing -- it would have been far easier to clean than letting her pee on my bed -- but that would have given her "permission" to pee in the house. And since her output amounts to about a tablespoon, if that, I ... let her go on my bed and forgave her immediately. Not that I praised her, or anything! I just didn't pitch a bitch, since I was fully capable of waking up enough when she cried, and I "put it off" for too long... (The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak.)

The Noriega radio visit last night was fun. There was only enough time after the reading for one question, which I pretty much blew, but the rest of it went very well. You can still listen to it, if you missed it, by clicking on the link that exists about five blog entries back...

A number of people who usually listen weren't available at the right time last night, so they'll be catching up after the fact and letting me know how I did. Lisa Hamner (De's new star polisher; she's an actor in Long Beach at De's old thespian stand) got to the program right on time and said I get better every time and that she thinks I should have my own radio program or start acting.

I wanted to act as a child and teenager, but being a professional writer is risky enough for me! Acting takes a lot of time, and probably a lot more talent than I have. For every minute someone spends on stage or on film, they spend hours and days preparing, being rejected, rehearsing, etc. etc. etc. I'm not sure the roar of the greasepaint/the smell of the crowd could compensate for that. As a writer at Elance, I spend significant time looking for projects to bid on, but I charge enough to compensate for that time. It rarely works out that well for actors. Not that I would ever discourage anyone from acting! It's an addiction, like writing. And people need what actors do: offer much-needed diversion from everyday trials and tribulations, offer hope, laughs, feelings... They're valuable , valuable people! My hat is off to every one of them -- especially Lisa Hamner and Alison Winter! If you're not familiar with Alison Winter's story, get my e-book about De, ENDURING LEGACY OF DeFOREST KELLEY. I hope Lisa will contribute to the next edition!!! (Hint, hint, Ms. Hamner!)

I should be getting a project or two at Elance today, but they haven't come in yet, so while I'm at loose ends, thought I should "catch you up" on the shenanigans from the cold, frozen, Arctic Pacific North-Wet -- er, North-Frozen!

God forbid we should lose our power at a time like this. Some people have up here... I'm praying for all of them and for the line workers who have to be out in this getting the power back on. I know a couple of them, too. Stalwart, hardy folks... who go out when everybody else rushes in to save themselves! I salute you!

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