Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dagnab It, I Admire Our New President!


President Obama's speech tonight was just the shot in the arm we needed. On the other hand, Governor Jindal's speech was ... just nowhere near "there" yet. (But he's just a puppy, in his mid-30's... he'll probably get better as time goes along.)

I know the GOP needs new blood to redeem itself, but neither Palin nor Jindal have done a thing for me, and I consider myself pretty malleable when it comes to politics, although I'll probably always "default" to Democrat as long as nothing better comes along.

Can't say I'm SAD Jindal's speech was a ho-hum sort of response, because I want Obama to be President until his second term runs out, and I feel pretty secure that'll be the case with what the major opposition party has shown us so far. It would take a miracle for Obama to lose to Republicans in 2012, I think.

He's going for the gold in all the major areas of concern -- new energy sources, the economy, education -- and with a large percentage of the American people (and the world) behind him, he can get something done because if the GOP continues to try to stall, I think they'll see their ratings tanking even faster than they are right now. The American people are really sick of seeing "politics as usual" and want to see some progress. If they don't, they'll go after the people who are blocking it and mis-communicating (aka fibbing) as to why they're blocking it.

They just can't appear to be "for" anything Obama suggests without (they believe) losing in their districts next time and ensuring Obama's re-election in 2012. They think they're representing their constituents. I hope their constituents who disagree with them will let them know so they can feel more secure about stepping out and helping the President get something done!

Anyway, not to get onto politics again, but I was just very happy to hear everything President Obama said tonight. His tone was just right. He's a great leader. But a leader needs followers. Without them, his rhetoric and plans can produce nada.

We have our marching orders. I like them. I'm going to write my representatives and let them know I want them to do whatever is necessary to "Make It So" so we can enter a new era of stability, decency, fair play and equal access to our plans and goals.

The people Obama spotlighted tonight (the CEO who got a 390 million retirement and shared it equally among all his present and former employees, a school girl from SC whose school building roof leaks, and others) reveal the America that I love. We can be that again. Most of us have never stopped being that way. It's time to throw out the rascals who don't believe in sharing their bounty with the people who work for and with them and make their fortunes grow. Instead of cutting health care plans and pensions, freezing wages and curtailing bonuses, businesses should be rewarding employees for remaining faithful to business goals and agendas. If they did, maybe employees wouldn't change jobs as often. Right now it's pretty much "Take care of yourself because your boss sure won't!"

I'm just tired of selfishness. I want to see people treating each other better. We may not be able to legislate morality and ethics, but we can certainly mandate that regulations be placed so that people who abuse the system for their own selfish gains are spotted, caught and brought to justice. That alone would put a nice crimp in their tails and make trying to rip others off less appealing than it has been for decades.

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Carl Rylander said...

Have to agree with you Kristine!

Obama's 'pep talk' certainly pepped me up, and I'm only indirectly affected, (in a big way!) by him.

I can get Cspan almost live on a Sunday on digital. It's a little deeper than Jon Stewart! I love it when people ring in live. You should do it!