Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

Busy, busy week. I'm helping out at Clover Park Technical Institute as a note taker four hours a day this week and over the weekend I got two more, unexpected projects (what a good problem to have!), so I'm up to my neck in work. It makes me smile.

We also got two 55-gallon yard waste barrels delivered this week, so I've been busy filling them with the blackberry bushes and salal and other perimeter brush that surrounds our property. It's quite the task! We've bought all kinds of bush-whacking tools to make the job as easy as possible, but guess what? It still ain't even close to easy. It's a serious workout. Which is good for me. I just want to get it all finished before spring and summer arrive and it gets HOT out there and the bushes start filling out again. Right now the project looks do-able. During the summer it resembles a jungle, and there are spiders, bees and mosquitoes in the bushes.... NOT a good time to be messing around out there!

On my birthday (March 5th) Jackie is taking me to Red Robin, where I'll redeem a free birthday hamburger. Red Robin has the most decadent, high-calorie, cholesterol-ridden hamburgers on the planet, so I just go there once a year. I told Jackie I'd share my burger with her, but she said H No! She wants her own decadent, high-calorie, cholesterol-ridden hamburger. It's a good thing we both have low cholesterol. After Thursday it'll bump up a notch for a day or two, I'm sure!

Are you getting your De Kelley memories written up for me? I've received two more contributions recently. Time is winding down. If you tell me by Thursday that you plan to write one, I'll extend your deadline to March 30th, but you gotta tell me QUICK! Mary Doman, I already have a chapter reserved for you. Where are the rest of you Kelley kids? Let's get going, here! Time's a'wastin'!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Smith... I hope your day is filled to the brink with happiness. We all love you!

Kristine M Smith said...

Thank you, dear ANONYMOUS!