Friday, February 13, 2009

It's 2:30 A.M.

Good night! It's 2:30 a.m. and I'm wide awake. Got a bee in my bonnet about a press release I wrote for a client late in the evening yesterday and sent off to her. I knew it wasn't quite "there" yet -- just 99.9% there -- but because I was so wasted from writing several other articles yesterday, I sent it off anyway, thinking "fast turnaround" more than "kick-ass press release." (My Unique Selling Point is fast turnaround at Elance but it goes without saying, I hope, that I expect myself to provide EXCELLENT COPY and fast turnaround in combination.)

Well! My Conscience (the good Lord) got on my butt about THAT (with love, with love)! The press release isn't even due yet, so I knew I had plenty of time to make it top-notch before sending it off.

So I got out of bed, looked it over again, and sent something close to perfect for my client to find when she gets up in the morning. I know she hasn't seen the earlier version yet, as she's on the east coast and was fast asleep before I sent it, so I haven't caused her any problem in sending a revised version.

I also sent a note to another client who wants the articles I wrote for him to be more editorial style than ghostwriting style. I'm not sure what that means! Does he want me to identify myself? Does he want me to have a byline and a link to my Elance page or blog? Does he want me to insert my own inimitable style into the articles?

I'd be happy to do any or all of that, but the project description didn't have that detail in it, so I wrote the articles as "web copy" for his website, and remained anonymous. They're informational articles about cosmetic surgery options. So now I'm waiting to hear back from him on his vision for the articles before I adapt them. He says they're excellent articles. He doesn't have a problem with what I've written so far. They're accurate and engaging enough. He just wants them "more editorial style than ghost-written." (???) Awrighty, then! What in tarnation does that mean?! If he does want me to have a byline, I'll divulge the URL so y'all can take a look at the articles and let me know what you think about them...

I'm published with a byline on the Modern Woman's Divorce Guide website. If you'd like to look up my bi-weekly blog there the URl is I'm writing blogs for the site until I run out of information to share.

The website will be updated real soon and the owner says I'll probably get my own little "niche" there. We'll see about that. I kinda hate to do that if I only have about two months' worth of information. That might be setting someone up to be frustrated: kinda like a network premiering a series you really get into and then cancelling it after two months! I hate when that happens and don't really want to do that to readers if I can avoid it.

I'm going to see if I can find some divorce assistance for kids of divorce that I can carry on with after I've shared all I can find for divorced women, because I know their concerns after divorce often revolve around how the rift has affected their children and how best to navigate those troubled waters. So I'm looking for stuff about that. has a lot of good information on that aspect of divorce, too. They have generously allowed me to glean from their materials and mention their resources for the divorce site blogs, so my byline acknowledges their agreement to let me spout some of their stuff as long as I don't violate their copyright (as long as I don't plagiarize), which of course I don't! If you read any of the blogs, you can tell they're pretty much 100% "me." Even though I have never been married (and hence never divorced), I know lots of folks who have, and I've seen what they go through emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially, and I resonate greatly with hurting people. (Yes, I'm a bleeding heart liberal - and proud of it. You knew that all along, didn't you?)

I knew about because I used to work at Church For All Nations ( and was aware that George and Cathy Young were (and still are) leading DivorceCare (trademark symbol goes here but I can't find out how to make it happen on this blogsite!) sessions for divorced and separated Christians in the community at CFAN. So I knocked on Cathy's door, mind and heart and was allowed access to their materials -- an older notebook she had filled out and other insightful materials. Then I contacted DivorceCare for their permission to glean insights from their materials and was granted it before anything was published online. I figure it's a win-win arrangement: my byline points to the DivorceCare website so women who read my blog can access their materials and perhaps even start their own DivorceCare session at their churches. Spreading the information in that way is always a blessing for so many more people. It's tough going through a divorce and feeling "all alone in the world." With these two wonderful websites and helpful materials, the road becomes a lot less lonely and mysterious. And there's constant reassurance that God still loves us without limit, no matter where our journeys take us in life...

Well, maybe THIS is another reason why God got me up tonight. I guess I was supposed to write this blog! I think I can go back to sleep now. My conscience is clear again, I'm smiling, and I think I've written something here that might bless someone.

If so, all glory to God! He's the One Who floats my boat 24/7!!!

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