Monday, February 16, 2009

Sad News to Report...

April Rogers emailed me this morning to let me know that her beloved daughter, Selena, passed away last week in her sleep. As those of you know who have been following this blog for at least the past several months, Selena was a "follower" of the blog (and will remain listed as such) and had been battling leukemia. She lived in Australia, as does her mom, but I believe her mom is a transplanted American, as her parents live here.

April and I want to thank all of you who held Selena in your thoughts and prayers since finding out about her battle a few months ago. She told her mom she wanted to fly back to America sometime to see her grandparents again and to meet me. April said it was one of her fondest wishes even though she knew it would never happen (she was already very ill when she spoke the words).

Selena is freed from her chrysalis now and her spirit can go wherever it wants, so if she still finds such a trip alluring, it's FAST and FREE now and I'm more than happy to welcome her sweet spirit any time as, I'm sure, are her grandparents. I will look for her with open arms!

That's two, too-young friends I have lost to leukemia (and one toddler cousin, back in the early 50's). If you want to help banish this scourge from the face of the earth, please consider sending a donation to the Leukemia Society in memory of Selena or in honor of her mother (or both!).

I'm feeling very sad today. I pray that April will find her way through the grief she feels to a place where her memories of Selena bring her nothing but grins and comfort. It won't happen overnight, or probably for a very long time, but I know it's what Selena would want for her: wonderful memories instead of the latter day sad ones.

Please keep April Rogers in your prayers during this sad, sad time in her life. Losing a child is the worst trauma a human being can suffer.

Father God:

Please wrap your arms and spirit around April at this terrible time and let her know that You're with her, without any doubt. Let your voice speak through others as they express their condolences, their concern and their care for her. Help her to feel free to talk about Selena endlessly and to mourn as she needs to, and grant her willing ears and hearts to listen and to cry with her and, finally, to laugh with her as she makes her way from abject sorrow to a renewed spirit, replete with good memories of the years they shared and the trials they endured. In the precious name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


Womanwarrior said...

I grieve with thee....


Janet Evans said...

Thinking of you during this sad time.