Thursday, February 19, 2009

President Obama on Abraham Lincoln

Very cool... Thanks to Margot Worthington for sending me this link.

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And on another front, although I'm not allowed to disclose the actual article (since I ghost wrote it from talking points for a regular Elance client of mine), a cable news channel published an article that I formatted and finessed yesterday on a well-known host/moderator's blog , will be publishing another one today, and should be using additional ones into the forseeable future!

So things are moving along -- and moving UP! -- in the Elance world! WOO HOO! I'm very excited about the cable news "gig," and wish I could shout it to the moon, but alas... I can't! Not that I've signed a nondisclosure agreement or anything (or I wouldn't even have published this little ditty), but I just feel obliged to keep the lid on it.

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