Saturday, February 9, 2008

Washington State Caucus -- What a Circus!

I just returned from caucasing for Barack Obama in my precinct. I was a Precinct Captain --more or less by default; only one of the participants had ever caucased before; I hadn't either. That sweet gal became my mathematician, because I'm an utter failure when it comes to convoluted mathematical formulas.

44 people showed up in our precinct -- by far a record -- and we caucased and garnered 11 delegates for Obama and 3 for Clinton. It was quite a coup, because at first three folks signed in as undecided/uncommitted and one signed in as a Kucinich supporter.

A Clinton supporter was invited to speak first. She said a few words -- very few, perhaps fifteen seconds' worth. I asked for more speakers on her behalf, but no one else came forward (of the eleven who had signed in as supporting her). Then I asked for Obama supporters to speak. When no one stepped forward, I gave about a minute and a half spiel about why I feel he's what the country needs right now and how I felt he was more than an equal match for McCain. I also said that while a Clinton candidacy would break through the glass window for women once and for all, an Obama candidacy would break though every kind of ceiling for everyone whose futures are presently conscripted, not just women.

The three undecided and the Kucinich supporters switched to Obama on the second go-'round, and even one of the Clinton supporters switched her vote to Obama. So all movement at our table on the second and final vote was toward Obama.

It was the same at every other table in the place, apparently -- and well over 4,000 people showed up to caucas. As I turned in my paperwork at the end of the event, the man overseeing the entire event was saying, "Based on what I'm seeing, Obama swept this place today."

Obama is going to sweep more than our caucus location. I believe he's going to go all the way, as he should.

He's the man for these times. People want to feel hopeful again and to know their futures aren't going to remain stagnant under "same-ol' same'ol'" political machinations.

Listen to what people are saying around you. The hope and excitement over this year's Presidential race is palpable.

For good reason!

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