Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Response From Alison Winter -- (Senorita Invierno)

Received this lovely email from Alison in the U.K. Her perspective on the U.S. system is worth the read. Many other Brits and a few Aussies, Germans and Japanese have told me they're for Obama, too. So I know the world is watching...

Just a note to say sorry to hear about Poppy. Very sad. I just remember the photo of her in that tree from your book!

Well done for your activism as far as Obama is concerned. The rest of the world is hoping for a Democrat - mostly because we take a beating when the Republicans are in! I have to say I warm much more to Obama than Hillary, but the idea of John McCain makes my blood boil.

The only reason I can understand what is going on is because, like so many Brits, I've watched The West Wing. As fictional as it is, it helps to educate us on the U.S. political system which is vastly different to ours. It looks like a bit of a game show, to be honest! However, if Martin Sheen was president the world would be far more peaceful!

If America is to re-capture it's name built on freedom, diversity and opportunity, then Obama is the obvious choice. I get quite angry with the 'women vote' or the 'black vote' idea - really, if people vote based on such irrelevant detail then they should have their vote revoked!!!! [Emphasis Kris's.]

So much more interesting than British politics. Our parties are the same (our main two, Conservative, who don't care about poor people and any problems in the world, and Labour, who say they do but are actually also conservative when no-one's looking. Privately educated white boys agreeing with everyone else!) The third party - the Liberal Democrats - do care about green issues and are much more open to international relations. I am a member of that party, though they are a minority party. They opposed the war in Iraq, for a start!

Hope springs eternal....

I'll leave you with a hug. Keep up the good work. Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words..... etc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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