Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SciFiReporter Has an Interview With Me Today!

Stuart Blair in Adelaide, Australia conducted an email interview with me recently. It turned out very well and was released today.

To catch the interview, simply email your request (to be added as a subscriber) to the following email address. It's free and a lot of fun to see what's happening Down Under in the Sci Fi world!


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In other news:

Jackie and I took advantage of the great weather this weekend and rode bikes for 15 miles one day. We walked the next day. Our legs are fine but we have to do something about the saddles of our bikes, for sure!

I have everything memorized for Friday's test with the Police Department (I've applied to become a Communication Officer and Dispatcher) and am waiting with 'bated breath to have it behind me so I can get on to the next step, if next step there be. I had to familiarize myself with "Dispatcher Speak" (Adam, Boy, Charles, David, Edward, Frank, George, Henry.... X-Ray, Young, Zebra, etc) and abbreviations so they won't slow me down during the test.

Bought some plants for the walk-way in front, thinking we'd be having a Broker's Open House today, but the Realtor cancelled until next week. (What we have here is a failure to communicate. Grrrrr....) I hope the plants continue to look as great next week as they do right now!

All for now. I need to get some breakfast under my belt and go get a li'l pencil sharpener. Friday's test requires two sharpened Number 2 pencils and I don't use pencils at all, so the ones I do have haven't been sharpened yet. They will be soon!

Enjoy the interview and please let others know how to access it -- and this blog!

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