Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Ready to Stage My Condo...

Busy, busy girl. We've decided to move me entirely out of this condo (cats, too) and stage it. I'm moving absolutely EVERYTHING out -- beds, the few remaining pictures, you name it. I've taken the guest bed apart and leaned it up against the wall, so it's ready to move out to Wendy's as soon as someone big and strong is here to do it (probably no sooner than Friday). I will be staying at Jackie's (with the cats in her garage) until the condo sells. Our Realtor thinks it will go fast as soon as we properly stage is. Good thing, because our hearts are set on a home we found and unless my condo sells, we can't get it.

It's been a madhouse, between taking tests, riding bikes and walking on weekends, applying for jobs and talking to the unemployment folks about my pending claim. I had a terrific visit with one of the ladies from employment security and she "gets" where I'm coming from totally, so I anticipate an acceptance. That will be very helpful until I land one of the jobs I'm going after.

So, this is an explanation for why I haven't been keeping up on this blog daily. Just too busy right now. Until I get moved and a new job and settled, I'm in "survival Mode" -- all systems "GO!" until all is well again.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Thanks so much!

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