Friday, February 29, 2008

Condo Sweet Condo... Please Be Gone-go SOON!

Good evening.

By now my cats definitely know something is up. The recliner has been loaded into the SUV, as have all the clothes, food, cat food and other stuff I plan to take to Jackie's. What they don't know is that they are part of the plan. They won't particularly like it -- living in Jackie's garage or in a pen on her back patio when the weather is nice -- but it'll be better for them than living here all alone and having strangers invade frequently looking at the condo. I'll be sure to place a rug and the recliner in Jackie's garage so I can sit with them a few times during the day, so they'll know they haven't been "farmed out" or abandoned.

I dread this part of the move the most. I hate having to upset my pets, especially Ashley, the timid one. He may require therapy afterward! (Yeah, right.)

If we were moving straight to the new place, it would be easier, because all of my stuff would get there before I do and when I carried the cats in, they'd figure out real fast that, while we're in a new house, it's definitely still "home." But staying with Jackie in the interim, while the condo sells, makes us "guests," with very limited "home-based things" that they can recognize as landmarks. And since Jackie's allergic to cats, they can't be in the house with us. And boarding them would be even more traumatic for them, not to mention expensive! So -- it is what it is. I just thank God that it should only be for a short time...

Keep the kitties in your prayers during their travails and keep the condo in your prayers for a quick sale, so we can undertake the last leg of this journey and get moved in as soon as possible!

Also keep me in your prayers for a great new job using my creative and administrative skills and for an approval for unemployment compensation as I continue to look. I was told I might receive a determination today in the mail, but nothing came. Perhaps tomorrow...

Tomorrow morning Phil, Wendy and Jackie will come over and help me move the few remaining items out of the condo (the ones I can't lift by myself) and then kitties and I will be out of here.

My condo neighbors will be on the alert for anyone other than Realtor-types, day and night, and I'll be stopping by frequently for the mail. But other than that, this may be my last night in what has been a truly WONDERFUL condo experience. I adore this condo -- every inch of it.

"Then why am I selling?!" you may ask....

Because Jackie and I are the next generation in line who will be needing "help" as we age -- and the idea of getting a place together allows us to help each other and to get help "all at once" if we both need help at the same time.

God willing, we won't need much help for another thirty years, but by then homes will be unaffordable -- they almost are now! If we do it now, we can pay off the place in under ten years and be in fine shape to let the place escalate in value after that...

Just thinking ahead, you see... Not a bad idea!

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