Monday, February 4, 2008

Hey! I'm Working For Barack! (As a Volunteer)

Starting tonight from 5 pm to 9 pm I will be helping "man"the phone banks here in Tacoma for Barack Obama!

I applied to help at his website ( and received a call this morning from a lady named Stephanie who asked if I have time to volunteer evenings until the Washington State caucus comes around on February 9th. I'd be happy to do that! I can imagine nothing better to be doing in the evenings, and I'm good on the phone. The call center is just four miles away, so it'll be a breeze to get there and help out. Wish my Obama t-shirt would get here so I could wear it to "work"! Maybe they have one there I can get...

I'll take a resume and letters of recommendation along to the Obama station in case there are people looking for a good employee during the day. It would be so great to work with people who share my enthusiasm for Obama, and perhaps even to work in the political arena in some capacity.

What's amusing and exciting is the way even the Kennedy family has been split by the Democratic prospects: Maria Shriver (Governor Arnold's wife), Ethel Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, and Senator Kennedy have all come out for Barack while I believe all of RFK's kids have come out for Clinton. They must have some interesting discussions around their dinner tables -- as we all should! Good people with good intentions often have differing opinions on who should be the party's nominee. That's healthy as long as we keep it civilized and safe!

This will be a record-turnout year for voting, I believe. People are energized and invested in the outcome in a huge way. It's exciting! I hope all of you who live in the U.S. will get involved in the process in your spare time. I mean in an active way -- helping to get out the vote, encouraging people not to sit on the sidelines. Even if you're a Republican or an Independent or a Greenie or a Whatever, I want to see you out there having your say. That's what makes America great. When we all get involved, we get truly representative government. When we sit on the sidelines, we "deserve" what we get -- and it's usually pretty dismal. BUT NOT THIS YEAR! IN 2008 someone new will be elected President! Who do you think can best energize and redeem our nation in the eyes of the world? If you keep it civil, I'll be happy to publish your opinions here in my blog! Have your say but remember -- one of these candidates will be our next President and I want deference and respect shown within your comments. Civility is the premier sign of civilization. I'm sick of the Circus Maximus, kill or be killed, ambiance that too many "commentators" are using to make their case. It doesn't serve America well...

Let's resurrect Bobby Kennedy's goal: "Some men see things as they are and say, Why?' I dream things that never were and say, 'Why not?'"

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I walked this morning for 45 minutes (fast!) and my Realtor will be by at 3:00 or 3:30 so I can sign papers to lower the price on my condo by $5K. We need to get it sold by March 22nd if we're going to get the house Jackie and I found that we love so much. Please keep me in your prayers for that...

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