Monday, June 4, 2007

Uh-Oh! I Have to Toe the Line Now!


STARTREK.COM has kindly updated last September's interview with me to reflect the most current information about my upcoming appearance at the August TREK convention in Las Vegas and the new deadline for THE ENDURING LEGACY OF DeFOREST KELLEY: ACTOR, HEALER, FRIEND. In the process of updating it, the URL of my blogsite was also reported, which means: this blogspot is no longer a deep, dark secret to just a few intrepid souls who have been personally invited and then invited others!

Now, I freely admit that I asked Mr. Tim Gaskill, Content Producer for CBS and the TREK website, to mention the URL to this blog site in the updating information, but never in my deepest fantasy did I think he would actually do it; don't ask me why. It just seemed too miscellaneous a matter to matter!

But now it has happened and -- I have a wee bit of stage fright! NOW this site has the potential to do one of two things:

Impress people enough that they might look into all four books I've written to date;

Distress people so much (as they gauge the way I write when I'm writing for free!) that they'll avoid my books like the plague because I'm such a flagrant "evangelist" in a number of these entries! (But hey, you earliest and subsequent readers started it with your great spiritual comments and questions. I didn't set out to make this blog an evangelical tool or I woulda named it Almost Famous By God's Fault, HA HA HA HA HA!) Check out Blog #1 if you have any doubt about my ORIGINAL intentions for this blogsite. (God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways!)

With your comfort level in mind, I want to issue a disclaimer to ease your mind if you are not even remotely interested in spirituality in any of its intriguing forms: Two of the four books I have had published in the past six years (Let No Day Dawn that the Animals Cannot Share and Floating Around Hollywood) were written BEFORE I was born again in mid-September of 1999 (three months after De passed away). They are as secular as a pagan writer (that would be ME back then!) can get, so there is no doubt in my mind that anyone interested in the subject matter can enjoy them --even spiritual folks, but no doubt they would probably enjoy arguing some of the points made in them -- and I would understand and acknowledge that my paradigm has shifted significantly since writing them). (One poem about apes begins, "We are brothers, fallen from the same tree..." Get the picture? It's still a GREAT poem and the tree thing could also be viewed in a religious sense... The apple in the garden of Eden, you see... which blew it for all creatures, not just humans.)

What I'm trying to communicate here is that you will not be "evangelized" in any of my books except perhaps PURPOSEFUL CHRISTIANITY -- and I didn't write that in an attempt to convince anyone of anything in particular; I was just -- and am -- so in love with our Creator that you might catch it like a contagion, and if you do, it will be the Holy Spirit who does that to you, not anything I wrote in the book... I don't think. My own personal power to influence another along those lines is quite limited.)

Regarding the De book: I was just a baby Christian (four months along in my quest to find out more about Jesus; I hadn't even made it into a church until I was halfway finished with the manuscript!) when I wrote DeFOREST KELLEY: A HARVEST OF MEMORIES, so only one line in the Acknowledgments section and a few brief comments during the last weeks of De's earthly existence could be considered "religious" in nature. (Let's get real here: When someone is dying, all people within the circle of the one who's losing his life tend to think more about God and our destinies after death. It's rather unavoidable! If spirituality and after-death concepts and concerns don't raise issues at these times, I don't suppose they will anywhere else in a person's lifetime either.)

Anyway... this is just to let new readers of this blog know that you don't have to toe any particular religious line in order to enjoy three of the four books I have written... the De book is secular fare for the most part. So relax!

I also have a good sense of humor, as all of the books will attest... and a number of these blog entries as well.... and oh yes.. how about my stand-up comedy routines about McCoy and De?
Catch them at Blog #1 via their URLs....

Enjoy! Tell Others!
Get Involved!
Hope to meet you in Las Vegas at the STAR TREK CONVENTION in August at the Hilton!

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Alison said...

Stop worrying about having a religious angle either before or now. Blogs mutate as they go along and cover all kinds. The important thing is that it's YOUR blog.

My feet hurt. xxxxxx