Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Go See EVAN ALMIGHTY and Read This Article...

I will be going to see EVAN ALMIGHTY sometime this weekend. It's a comedy with a great message -- and it was produced "green." Read this article and support good movies that are eco-responsible. (Warner Bros. has been at the forefront of the reduce/reuse/recycle movement in Hollywood for almost fifteen years. It's great to see Universal taking up the banner as well.)

More when I get home tonight...

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6:40 pm I got both of the brother cats bathed tonight. While they are nursing the damage inflicted on their dignity, I will get something written here! It feels great to have that chore out of the way!

The weather was gorgeous today -- nearly 75 degrees again. It's supposed to rain for the next several days now, which is perfect timing, because the lawn will need watering along about tomorrow and I won't have to do it if it rains enough.

See, the Pacific Northwest really is a lot like Camelot. It rains often enough that watering lawns by hose or irrigation system is not as frequent a chore as it is in drier climes. Suits me just fine! That's why I keep coming back here -- well, that and the fact that my sisters and their families are here. If I could drag them along with me, I would probably be writing in larger cities where Creatives are much better compensated for their professional skills.

Actually, if I were willing to commute to Seattle via the Sounder train (35 miles to the north of Tacoma), I could receive very good wages... waaay more than I made at Warner Bros as an executive secretary. When I get moved into a duplex, perhaps I will consider that again... and decide against it again. I'm a confirmed Tacoman, I guess... It's dumb, but it's true!

What I'd really love to do is find some freelance telecommuting jobs as a writer or editor, so that I could enjoy the job I have (without fretting about making ends meet) and make money evenings and/or weekend here at home. That would be the perfect scenario. I love my day job and the people at work. I just need more money! That's the bottom line. And now that I'm writing for a living, it's all I want to do for a living! It's been my passion ever since I learned how to string words together as a grade-schooler!

But if I get a larger duplex than our minimum wants, I could rent out part of mine and that would make it feasible to have only one job -- this job -- the one I have.

God will provide. I do know that! I've had enough experiences getting down to "nothing left" to know THAT! I GET THE PICTURE -- God is GOOD all the time!

I was feeling pretty low-spirited after the weekend at the beach for a day or so. Don't know why. Just tired, I guess. But my spirits are up again. I feel positive and hopeful -- my usual modus operandi.

I just have to remind myself frequently (daily -- sometimes hourly!) that I'm not orchestrating this "life stuff" all by myself. I tend to fret otherwise... And guess who applauds and jumps up and down with glee when we allow ourselves to fret? Powers and principalities of darkness -- Satan's brood of vipers. They love to create doubt, uncertainty, and other dipstick crap like that. It's their passion!)


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