Sunday, June 3, 2007


Confirmation Update!

Billie Rae Walker just emailed to confirm that the JULY-AUGUST edition of STAR TREK MAGAZINE is the one with the interview with me about De in it, and she says it will be on the newsstands at the end of this month -- June. So the wait is almost over.

For those of you who didn't see the earlier interview about De with me that Billie Rae wrote, here's the link:
It's a lengthy interview so get a cup of coffee or a meal before you sit down with it!

The new interview is only about 2,000 words long, so it won't be the marathon that the one above is, but all of the questions posed for the magazine interview were brand new... so there will be additional information about De and I believe mention will be made that I'll be appearing in Vegas August 11th, but am not sure of that...

Must off to church. More later!

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Alison said...

I think I'll be able to get it in England! I certainly hope so.

Woo! De would be so proud of you!