Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cat Bath!

It's 75 degrees outside right now so I figured this is a good evening to bathe Cat #1 -- Poppy, the 16 year old. She needed it most because she's too arthritic now to do a very good job herself. (Don't tell her I told you that. I'm sure this should probably have remained confidential -- just between her and me.) Her winter coat is completely out now (I did this once a month or so ago) so she should be more comfortable and there should be less excess hair as well.

Tomorrow I'll catch Cat #2 (whichever brother allows me to catch him up before he figures out what nefarious plans I have for him) and the following day it was be Cat Final. Then I will feel great that all cats are hair-free (except for what's stuck on them) and gorgeous for the rest of the summer. The water never looks dirty when I bathe my cats -- its mostly just a Hair Patrol kind of activity. When they "blow their coats" this time of year it's hard to keep them spic n span without at least one bath. A lot of hair comes off during the bath and then the leftover loose hair comes out as they are drying off.

I wrote a bunch of notes at work today and sent them out to prospective clients -- veterinary hospitals and churches (since I know a lot about both, having worked for both, and had an "in" with them as a result). I did that because I was caught up with client callbacks by ten a.m. and had to think of something contributory to do while I awaited responses from clients who were pledged to get back to me today or tomorrow (yeah, right) so I could finalize their on-hold programs and place them into production.

There are days when we are busy every second and days when we feel pretty sure the entire population of Earth has been raptured except US (wouldn't that be a jarring surprise!) -- it gets quiet -- like a cemetery almost except for those of us yukking it up in the office. (The other copywriters out-do each other in the humor department whenever they get the chance.)

Quiet days seem to happen most often when the weather is exceptionally good. I understand! Lucky for us that we don't have 75 degree weather more than about sixty days a year up here in the Pacific Northwest! (Of course, if we did, it wouldn't be such a novelty!) Friday afternoons can get quiet, too (which is good, because by then we are plenty pooped!) because we are on the west coast and a lot of our clients are all across the country, so as the east coast and subsequent time zones button up for the weekend, we receive fewer and fewer calls... By the time 5 pm rolls around on Friday, the phones have pretty much quit... which makes the balance of the 4 o'clock hour seem..... v..e..r..y.. v..e..r..y.. s.........l..........o..........w.......... When it's busy at work, time goes by in what seems to be the blink of an eye! WHOA!!!

What else? That's about all!

My rose bushes are blooming and so I have vases of flowers placed hither and yon. They make the condo smell and look lovely and welcoming. I will probably take a vase in to work tomorrow for the reception desk. May as well spread the joy while they are doing their thing!

I will hit the hay early again tonight. (Need to do that because I get up early to walk before heading to work.) If the phone rings after 8 pm I don't answer it unless it's urgent. (I screen my calls after 8 p.m. because most people who call at night are telemarketers and I don't have caller ID.) The people who know me know I don't like to receive calls after eight. I get too wired if I accept a call after 8p.m. and then I can't sleep afterward. NOT a good thing!

Ciao for now!


Bobbie Bobstein suggested I buy and read BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA -- which I did, and bawled. Then I ordered the DVD of the movie. It arrived today and I watched it - and bawled again. It's a really good movie. It's made for kids ages -- what? nine and up ? -- but it's a really good movie. One of the principals dies in it. I don't want to give it away... but it's a good introduction to loss for children... I recommend it!

And now... goodnight for real! It's almost 9 -- waaayy past my bedtime! :-)

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Anonymous said...

That movie KILLED me. I cried, Isabella cried, even their dad was a bit teary eyed. When I asked Lizzie if she was ok, she told me that it was just a movie...and that the girl was most likely at home hanging out with her parents. Whatever. She has had so many people die in her life, that death is just a fact of life. But in her eyes Heaven is a much better place. But she knows she is not allowed to go there until after I'm gone. That's the rule.

The girls had a great time this weekend. Lizzie enjoyed the lesson she learned from you. She heard about the firemen who died. She asked me if we could pray for them. That's a new thing for her. Usually it's me that asks her. I love it.