Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The World Will Conspire to Keep You From Your Dreams -- Don't Negotiate with It!

This blog is to encourage the discouraged one in Spain.

She was on cloud 9 having made a decision to follow a dream and then had the misfortune of hearing from loved ones that she's losing her mind; being profligate, whatever...

I'm not sure what she was told (from reading her blog) but it was enough to bring her to her knees emotionally (a great position from which to pray, by the way)...

I heard a similar story from loved ones my entire life. It was when I stopped living others people's lives, wishes and desires with my body that I was finally free enough to live my own, and it has been wonderful.

Families are great. Love them. Respect them. Rescue them when they need it. But do not under any circumstances listen to them when they are telling you that your dreams/plans/goals don't make sense. If they resonate within you (and do no harm to others), that's all that matters!

(Question: Do your family's lives make sense to you? Could you live any of their lives and be as happy as they are living them? Are you even sure they are happy living their lives? I hope they are! Lives should be lived and loved!)

Especially if you're a Creative do not listen to non-Creatives, because your sensitivity as a Creative can cause you to hurt yourself in order to keep from hurting others. This is touching, but painful and counter-productive!

Your life is for YOU to live. You won't always make the best decisions, but in most instances even the bad decisions you do make will end up enriching you in some way. The common quote is, "Falling in a cow pie and coming out smelling like a rose." God wants you to reach, the seek, to find, to experience, to have the faith of one who quests, because what you seek, find and experience will cause others to cast off their fears and decide to throw caution to the wind and experience pure joy and delight a time or two, the way you have because you dared to reach for the brass ring.

You can't claim you have faith until you have relied totally on God to provide for you. I was at that point just this past December. My entire family was freaking (quietly), making suggestions... telling me I had to "get real" and apply for food stamps because I was unemployed and had been underemployed for three years and was living on fumes financially. But the impression I kept getting from God was, "Do you trust Me? How much?" And I could actually reply, "Yes! TOTALLY!"

I think it was this trust that landed me this wonderful job at On-Hold Concepts. If I had panicked or freaked or elected to live out someone else's destiny for me ("Get a job -- ANY job!") I would have not been available the day the office manager at On-Hold called me to say, "Are you still available?"

Yes, the earthbound, mortal me kept trying to panic... but each time she did, I told her, "No, YOU DON'T! I have listened to you long enough! You're always stopping me. I'm sick of it! I'm walking with the God of the Universe and He hasn't told me to throw in the towel yet on my goals, so don't even go there with me!"

It's easy to be swayed by loved ones' fears. They love you. They worry for you. They worry ABOUT you. But you just have to stay true to your passion, stay connected to your joy.

It isn't about survival. It's about living all the days of your life!

You go, girl!

And that goes for all the rest of you who dream, and make plans and have "concerned others" clucking over those plans.

Your life matters to the extent you become the person God created you to be.

When you get to heaven, God won't ask if you pleased or satified everybody you loved. What He will ask you to decide for yourself is, "Did you become YOU?" If you can stand there and honestly say, "Yes, I did and in doing so I started looking, feeling and acting a lot like You!" He will smile and say, "Well done, my beloved!"

Love wants you to win and He can make it happen -- against all odds.


Alison said...

*Starts humming 'Climb Every Mountain'*

Thank you.

Kristine M Smith said...

Get the song whose chorus is, "I love you more than the sun and the stars that I taught how to shine, you are Mine, and you shine for me, too. I love you yesterday and today and tomorrow I'll say it again and again... I love you MORE!"

That's God telling you to SHINE they way He designed you!

Alison said...

I'm glowing....well on the way to shining! Thank you.