Saturday, April 21, 2007

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My sister Jackie, my cousin Tim, my former boss Max Flockerzie (1972-1974) and I got my aunt's stuff moved into the residential care community this afternoon -- well, as much of it as would fit! Some of it will have to be stored because her wishes were bigger than the room in which she'll be living...

It's a bit of a shock to see two people I haven't seen in twenty-five or 33 years (Tim, Max). Max was horrified that I was 56 but said I hadn't changed at all looks-wise. He's either blind or a really good liar! I do color my hair, so I don't look 56... but to ME, my cousin Tim and Max look older -- much, much older -- than they did the last time I saw them. And that's NOT a bad thing --- not all all. It's a SHOCK, because we tend to freeze people in time in our minds. (Can you imagine an 85 year old JFK or Bobby Kennedy, or an ancient Martin Luther King, Jr.?)

Time has changed these men, and time has changed me. Gads, if it hadn't, we may as well have died young, ya know?! Time is for growth, experience, trials, victories, losses and joys... and all of that has an effect on the lines in our faces, the wisdom in our eyes.

As soon as I got home I spotted a voicemail light blinking on my phone. The message was from my aunt, saying she was anxious to get up here and to call her. I did so, right away, to report that her apartment is ready and that we are looking forward to coming to get her next weekend. Alas, the lady who picked up the phone said she is away for dialysis until 8pm or so. I don't know if I'll still be awake at 8pm. It has been a very busy, active day!

I'm going to watch a remastered episode of STAR TREK and hit the hay, I think!

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Alison said...

Out of interest, which episode did you watch?

I think you should go for a massage to relax and invoice the incompetent doctors.

Of course, if I wasn't limited to white roses, I would send you Doctor McCoy.

Massage. Doctor McCoy. All in the same comment. Should make for good dreams. I hope your's are sweet.