Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Good Book to Read....

Here is another book seekers might enjoy -- especially if you are at all skeptical.

"Letters from a Skeptic" by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd.
I would love to remove all skepticism about the God of the Holy Bible. This book and LEARN THE BIBLE IN 24 HOURS should certainly do that.
For the rest of us, who are convinced -- like Alison, who wants a role to play now that she is fully convinced -- I want to point you to Pastor Meenan's website once again, because if you will go there and then select Audio Lessons and then scroll toward the bottom of the list you will find two named, "Seminar Witness, Part One," and "Seminar Witness, Part Two." Pastor Meenan is not heard in either of these (he is the teacher in all the others!), but he invited two evangelists to speak about how to witness to others. I listened to it last night and it has been revelatory. So many of us think we have to know chapter and verse of the Bible in order to be an effective witness -- and it just isn't true. Some of the greatest evangelists in history -- DL Moody among them -- were and are just simply on fire because of their relationship with God and they can't shut up about it! I feel a lot like them, but my witness is in the written word mostly because that is the gift/passion I was given. But I, too, need to step out more and speak about the Trinity. After listening to "Seminar Witness" one and two, I am girding my loins to do just that. My many testimonies can change lives and lead more people to Christ if I will stop being so "covert" and "insular" about my faith. This blog has started me on the road. (Boy, I wasn't expecting this when I sat down to create this blogsite, but I'm very happy it has turned out this way.)

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