Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Drum Roll, Please!....I Passed My Probationary Period with Flying Colors!

End of Announcement... Applause Not Necessary!!!

I'm reading The Pilgrimage by Paul Coehlo. Alison Winter recommended him as an author of light, and I am enjoying the book so much that I have ordered two more of his books, THE ALCHEMIST and one other (the name escapes me just now).

I can now recommend The Pilgrimage, too. It seemed a little too mystical at first, but as I am getting into it, I am getting a lot out of it. Try it. I think you will like it!

There is a lot of negative energy going around right now. A few of the emails I have been getting over the course of the past 24 hours are dark, negative, uncommonly angry or critical. (Not of me or anything I have said or written here.) I have decided not to reflect on them to excess, in the way I normally might, because I don't want to buy into whatever power it is that wants to suck me into the abyss with it.

(Oh! DUH!!!! The light bulb goes on suddenly! This is Holy Week! No wonder powers of darkness are wreaking havoc right now -- this week commemorates the week they lost the Big Game!)

I consciously choose every moment to remain in the light. It's pretty amazing how do-able this is when I bind my will to the will of God, my mind to the mind of Christ, and my emotions to the steadying influence of the Holy Spirit (get SHATTERING YOUR STRONGHOLDS by Liberty Savard if you would like to learn how to do this). The Holy Trinity is pure agape Love. (There's a great explanation of agape love in The Pilgrimage. Agape love even encompasses those generally deemed unlovable, the way Christ loved those who scourged and crucifed him.)

Most of the time I can pull it off. The only time I seem to have trouble with it is when someone innocent has been made to suffer by some intentional act of self-preoccupation (or nationalistic occupation) that denies other beings their safety, security or sense of well-being. Child molesters, animal abusers, wife-beaters, Osama bin Laden, terror networks, and President Bush are examples of this epidemic. (I'm sure "W" would object to being on this tawdry list but, sad to say, the shoe fits! He has lied, deceived and shamelessly plundered our environment and the good will of the people who believed in and supported him for years, not to mention everyone else! I truly believe he will -- and should -- go down in history as our worst President to date. It gives me no pleasure to predict this. It's a terrible tragedy.)

People who wield their power like battering rams for personal gain are a struggle for me. I still win the battle and manage to love bin Laden and Bush (all things are possible through Christ Jesus), but it takes longer when these types of people are brought to mind. I just don't enjoy dwelling on manifestations of the corruption and usurpation of souls by powers of darkness.

At work or at home with the TV off, or with my grandnieces, I feel utterly engaged in the universe. Love manifests all around. My enthusiasm for life and living and "loving it all" is even contagious, where people are susceptible. (Some aren't; most are.)

The battle between good and evil has been going on for a very long time. It will continue. But just remember this and you will be alright: we never battle alone.

Hang in there!

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