Monday, January 11, 2010

Rainy Days.. Soggy Doggy Wet Pets

It's raining. Yeah, I know: rain should come as no surprise here in the Great Pacific North-Wet.


It hasn't been raining much at all and, when it has, it has usually been at night, when the pups don't have to go outside to do their thing.

Now it's daytime, and it's raining, and they do.  They don't like it much. Neither does their "Mom-Dog" (that's me right now, with Jackie still hobbling around).

I built a little pen out my front door, then covered half of it. They'll ask to go out there to pee, but they won't poo in it -- not enough room to pad around and get comfortable before they let loose.

So we all have to brave the wet at least twice a day until all three do their thing.  The good thing about this is, letting them into the pen area primes the pump and gets them thinking about what they're out there to do, so if I do that first, and then let them out into the back yard, they quickly poo so I don't have to stand there for an eon while they think about what it is they're out there for. That's a perk.

I know... too much information... but hey, if you have a dog, the idea might work for you, too!

Gads, what a topic!

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